My entry to today's monomad challenge, Yesterday got me thinking about cryptocurrencies.

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Sometimes we forget how much we depend on technology and modern conveniences, yesterday I had an experience that made me recognize all this, I will keep it short, my data package for my cell phone expired, I ran out of money on my debit card and I didn't have cash either, I had thought about withdrawing some from the internet, but the power was cut and I was also without internet because the wifi was out haha.


With all the heat I was feeling I went out to check the streets to see what was going on, until I found these people working on the electrical wiring, yes, in Mexico the wires are still overhead, and that causes many problems with the rainy season that is starting, so that's why they were working yesterday.


I'm not going to lie, I'm afraid of electricity, so I stayed away taking pictures with the 55-250mm, while some were working high, others were trying to stay hydrated on the ground.


I don't want to imagine being up high and next to power lines, so yes, I admire those who work at the federal power commission, CFE in spanish.


Obviously that street was closed for several hours and I was in a public park waiting for the power and wifi connection to come back on so I could withdraw cash, which got me thinking again, what will happen the day the world's internet, or our electricity systems are affected, for example by a solar flare? Will we ever stop relying on fiat money for real? Or is it wiser to always have cash?

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Es bueno tener dinero debajo del colchón para esas situaciones. Tengo que admitir que ya me ha pasado que se va el internet, o se me descarga el celular y ando en la calle y no puedo tener acceso a mi dinero.

De igual forma, aunque tengamos tarjetas es bueno traer un billete de 500 pesos por aquello de que no acepten tarjeta al lugar donde vas a consumir o les falla la terminal jaja

Lo malo de traer un billete de 500 pesos es que no te lo quieren agarrar en algunos lugares, por aquello de los falsos jaja, pero sí, siempre trato de tener algo, pero como éstos días no he salido y cuando salgo me traigo lo necesario, hice confianza de no tener efectivo, pero jamás pensé que cortarían la luz, pero bueno, lección aprendida, es mejor tener en físico y en virtual al mismo tiempo.

What can be done is just to have your money in both form incase of any issue because there are some things you will need cash urgently and other will need crypto currency so we have to balance the two ways

Yeah that's true, but I forgot to keep cash and I didn't imagine that they would take away our electricity, luckily I didn't need anything urgent and I just had to be patient, but in an emergency I don't know what would have happened.

And before one would see who to come for aid would take a lot of time