My Entry Monomad Challenge #211 - Coastal children's fun

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Hello Hiver in Black And White Community Lover

My entry this time is some pictures of black and white Photos


Previously I apologize to the stakeholders of this community because in my previous post I made a mistake, namely uploading the same photo in my post. At that time I was also reprimanded by @hivewatchers. And I was also reminded by @ewkaw, but I misunderstood then. Well, this time I want to make amends and not upload photos with the same frame even with the color version. As the saying goes "We must dare to admit our mistakes even though we are ridiculed by others and promise not to make the same mistakes next time". This proverb is what made me dare to admit that I was wrong in the previous post.

Well, back to the topic of my post today. Yesterday I went to the fishing village area. The goal is to photograph the activities of the fishermen there in the afternoon. At that time I was photographing fishing activities there. I saw a number of children playing with their friends in a wooden boat. From above I saw their joy playing and bathing with their friends. They jumped from the boat and swam near the boat.

Yes, I think this is a very interesting moment for me to capture in my digital album. Without thinking long. Because the kids are in the middle. So, there's no way I can get a good photo of them. So, I immediately took the drone and flew it to take pictures of the children playing there.

After I finished taking pictures of them, I went straight home. Especially when it was getting late. Alright, here are some fun photos with the beach kids. Oh yes, these photos are also my entry for a black and white photography contest.









This is my entry for the daily #monomad challenge hosted and curated by @monochromes.

Alright, that's my post this time. I hope you like the photos that I share through my hive blog.

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All Picture Taken With DJI MAVIC AIR 2 Camera
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very cool shots that have been shown

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These Are Some Really Interesting Shots👌🏻

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Beautiful 😍

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