#monomad challenge for today - Alien Bees

in Black And White4 months ago

Actually they aren't. They are straight from the planet earth and awesome as well. These are Trigona bees or as they call them, stingless bees. Small but very productive. Their habitat is jungle forest and honey... Oh my god. Delicious and totally different from ordinary bees. On top of that this honey is much more healthy, very close to manuka honey. Enjoy this black and white bees world.

DSC08156-1 (1).jpg

DSC08175-1 (1).jpg

DSC08179-1 (1).jpg

DSC08191-1 (1).jpg

DSC08206-1 (1).jpg


First of all those are fascinating, mesmerizing photographies!
Second of all I learned something new. You piqued my curiosity. I'll have to find out more about those artistic creatures!
Thanks for sharing :)