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Hello pukumundo family

The Singing Voice #27

It's with some huge delight that I share my music with the Pokemon go community this week.

seeing that this community has a very huge taste for talent and vibes from different genres of music I have to come this week with a sort of African guitar Melody solo guitar over a loop which I made using my effect pedal.

Music has the power to keep you going in when there is no strength to go and so I find it really fun while making this music and it was like I shouldn't stop at all.

As I shared this music I hope that you all enjoy it and also benefit from a restful melody

Do let me know what you think about the music in the comment session, I love to always reply.

If you want to show your support pls do as I'm currently trying to build up a standard mini studio where I have all my kits already placed and easy to plug and play. I may be sharing some new kits I got in soon post.

There is really nothing in particular in my mind while I was playing all of this, was original and nothing came in planned. All spontaneous.

I hope you all enjoy this

Hola familia pukumundo

La voz cantate #27

Es con un gran placer que comparto mi música con la comunidad de Pokémon Go esta semana.

viendo que esta comunidad tiene un gran gusto por el talento y las vibraciones de diferentes géneros musicales, tengo que venir esta semana con una especie de guitarra africana Melody solo de guitarra sobre un bucle que hice con mi pedal de efectos.

La música tiene el poder de mantenerte en marcha cuando no hay fuerzas para hacerlo, por lo que me resulta muy divertido hacer esta música y fue como si no debiera detenerme en absoluto.

Mientras compartí esta música, espero que todos la disfruten y también se beneficien de una melodía relajante.

Déjame saber lo que piensas sobre la música en la sesión de comentarios, me encanta responder siempre.

Si desea mostrar su apoyo, por favor haga lo que estoy tratando de construir un mini estudio estándar donde ya tengo todos mis kits colocados y es fácil de conectar y usar. Es posible que comparta algunos kits nuevos que obtuve pronto.

Realmente no hay nada en particular en mi mente mientras jugaba todo esto, era original y nada estaba planeado. Todo espontáneo.

Espero que todos disfruten esto

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Welcome to week number 27 my friend, you managed to convey that feeling of relaxation with this interpretation and I love everything expressed in the writing of the post, I really liked your entry and I have faith that you will have more tools to continue making good music .. thank you very much for your participation in this week.

Thanks so much

Relaxation.. that's the key..
I found myself relaxing to the music too..

Thanks so much.
Amen to your prayers.

Jaydr Bro, this sounded very cool, you used a loop, how great 😍, I liked what you achieved, I loved the sound and it really flowed very well; you did a good accompaniment improvising on the scales, the main chords were very well done to play on top of them, I congratulate you, I loved what I heard Bro!!!!

Many successes for the contest, what a pleasure it's been to visit you again 🙌😀💛.... You Rockkk!!!! 👊😎🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯

It's beautiful to have you around Brother

Yeah I m so happy I found out how to use this a while back and have learnt to master it's use.
Only it can only record one loop unlike some others gigs I see.
But really this one makes me really happy.

Thanks so much
I m glad you liked it

Great impro bro! You did a good job

Thanks so much..
Good to have the @hanselmusic here.. wow.
Thanks so much
Love your music too.

I love the way vibe with the guitar boss

Haha.. thanks so much..
I love it too..
I catch me coming back to listen 😂

Asin it cool

I wish am also a guitar guru asin i love the spirit

Well you can work on it..
Get some one to guide you.. it's a long way tho

I will try