That's great, as my first camera was also a present from my father :) I shot only on B&W films with it, color photography was too expensive for me back then.
I'll have to drop a post in the community about that, hehe :)

Sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience :)
Probably that Konica was all mechanical and full manual only? ;)
Do you still keep it? Have you shared any photos you've taken with it? Would be great if you post here some of those!

It was fully mechanical and manual yes.
light meter and all.
I am afraid I do not have it any longer and since the photos are only in paper, I do not have any either.
have been on the move for more then half my life (mariner) and could only take what fitted in my backpack.

Oh. So only the warm memories remain. My first camera didn't have a light meter at all, I had to learn pretty quick how to determine the right values of Aperture and Shutter speed, given the most of the films I used were ISO 100 as those were the most affordable and available on the market back then.