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Axie servers are down? You can't play properly and can't earn those SLP? well, you are in the right place! because** here at Axie Buzz, you can earn extra money by posting original contents!** Creat and post your arts, guides, or any axie related articles and earn yourself some Hive, SLP, or Axie tokens!
axie2 final.png



P.s. so overwhelmed by the reactions reactions regarding the art I posted yesterday. I will continue to do so in order to inspire you people to post your arts too.

Here's a Pacman version of our mascot - he loves Axies and Hive so much!


This is so good man!!! Definitely going to use it for promo.

Thank you!

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Such a true statement

A reptile type with that design would be brutal xD

Great artwork bro!