Axie infinity : welcoming a new axie on my team

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Hello everyone ,
How are you all ? I hope everyone is fine. This is my very first blog in this community and i hope i will have a great experience writing in this community.

Axie Infinity has attracted me alot in last one month and i even postd about getting my first axie onboard in our team. Today again i have purchased a axie and with that i can say a new member has joined our team.

I hope my friends @zahidsun and @imransoudagar will like the new member of our Axie team. It is of Aqua type and i just purchased it because i liked it.


The breed count for this axie is zero and maybe in future we will breed this axie with other axies to find new more axies. I think it is a attack type axie looking at the cards that totally tel it to be a attack type axie.

That was a small update about the Axie infinity me and my friends are working on.

Thats all for this post , will catch you all later soon.

Thank you


can i suggest to you change the plant? its a really hard card to play, and your team needs energy

maybe leaf bug and zigzag with hot butt and some shield.

Yes i would love suggestions as i am really new to this game , though i bought axies last month i think but i bought two yesterday and i am happy that you have suggested me a axie change.

welcome from this bird congrats for your new axie

wow it looks beautiful and i think this is a bird axie.