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RE: Le dernier post d'Ithara ?

in LaTaverne6 months ago

Take it a couple of notches down please. Try to respect others. Please do not self vote.

People are free to downvote you and they don’t have to give you a reason. This a normal at hive.

If you don’t like these things, there are other alternatives, please consider using them.


I like your way to respect freedom of speech, congratulations !


Your speech is just fine. Everyone can still see everything.

I just made your rewards zero. Because you are ranting.

Please stop talking otherwise I will make zero rewards to the rest of your posts too.

Thank you.

 6 months ago (edited) 

Wait, was this blackmailing ? Menacing ?


Why ? Is that legal in your country ? not in mine.

but you know what I will shut up right now, not because I am scared of loosing 7 days of rewards, it's almost nothing, you may check it...

But just because I am bored to talk to walls that refuse to undestand i did nothing wrong.

I won't reply further, promised, but because I decided it, not because I was publicly menaced.

Because you are ranting.

Honestly, this seems a bit excessive to me. Rant is part of the rethorical process and therefore should lead to discussion and argumentation, not retaliation.

 6 months ago (edited) 

True it's like that on hive. reason why I go.
And if people have that right, others have the right of freedom of speech.
If you took the time to translate the text, you've already understood I am leaving ... So ... the almighties will be able to continue to play and ruin other's accounts.

Feel free to leave, that is your choice.

More action, less drama :)

You don't have to announce that you are leaving. Just don't post :)

I do that for those who know me, so they know I am off...
See? Like a byebye, and yet another freedom of speech, right ? !