Life in aquarium πŸ’™

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Life is so unpredictable, what will happen next we don't know about it.

Hello everyone!!!

It's Tuesday here and weather is beautiful too. As it's much better than before.

  • Today i want to share something blue, it's all about blue life.

Life in aquarium

A few weeks ago, i went to a restaurant just to find something delicious for eating but there's i see a beautiful life in blue. It's a huge aquarium, although it's looking so small in picture but it was big. They build this recently because i see it here for the first time as i came here many times.
I see many children playing with these fishes, and i also forgot my hunger and start ro gazing at these beautiful fishes.

they're coming to one corner

some red fishes

A black fish seems like it Dead but maybe it's resting here

A full view of aquarium

see it's sucking mouth

orange beauty say you hello

We human are just amazing and creative. I just wonder that how a human gave a perfect life to living organisms, although this life is man made but it consist the things of their need.
You can see a small circle in middle which is act as water changer and provide them a good environment. The stone place in the aquarium also show like a real environment but in artificial way.

  • I was finding food for me but i can't imagine that i was going to see some thing blue, something beautiful ❀️ that's why i say it before that life is unpredictable.

That's all for today and for my entry to #blue-essay contest, they said to added only 5 pictures but i added more than 5, here i break the rule maybe..... Apologize for it already πŸ™

Note: All the image's are captured by me and giff is also captured by me.

Thank you for your time and love ❀️

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Ohhh I love all those beautiful fishes!! Looking at an aquarium is very relaxing, could it be because my Zodiac sign is Aquarius?
PD- The orange fish was sending a kiss, I'm sure!

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Yes, maybe it's because of your zodiac sign. Hahaha yes orange fish send a kiss πŸ˜…

Great pictures! πŸ πŸŸπŸ‘πŸ»

Thank you my friend ☺️

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What beautiful photos for blue-essay contest! I'm pretty sure all those little fish are good friends of Esie, the Ecency whale! 🐳

Thank you for your appreciation πŸ˜€
Haha yes maybe they're all the good friend of ecency whale 🐳

Your photos are so beautiful.

Thank you 😊