ZENZO Core v2.1.0 | Kiyori Release (Non-Mandatory Update)

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Greetings ZENZOnites and #Hivians!

Never download the ZENZO Wallet from third-party sites and it is always recommended to download directly from the official ZENZO GitHub. If you have any questions or need help installing the new wallet, visit the ZENZO Discord.


ZENZO Core v2.1.0 is a highly recommended, but non-mandatory update. This release is available for all of the main operating systems that includes Windows, Mac, and Linux. Version 2.1.0 has a wide range of improvements on the network side, as well as the client side. Some of these updates include: a decentralized price display (next to the balance in the GUI, which currently only displays USD, but plans are to include other fiat price tickers and cryptocurrency price tickers), Masternode.conf hot-reloading (users no longer have to restart their wallet to start their masternodes), ZNZ burning (users can now not only burn ZNZ in the debug console, but they can include a unique message that will show on-chain of up to 80 bytes of data), scam protection (when a user types a command in the debug console that could expose private information, they are warned that this may be a scam and not to share this information with anyone), and improved performance and interaction with the ZENZO Forge.

ZENZO Core v2.1.0 GUI (Light Mode)

Key Features & Updates

  • Decentralized Price Display (USD)
  • Masternode.conf Hot-Reloading (No Restart Needed)
  • ZNZ Burning & On-Chain Messaging
  • ZENZO Wall (Displays ZNZ Burn Messages in Real-time)
  • Scam Protection Warnings (Debug Console)
  • Improved Performance & Interaction with the ZENZO Forge
  • Increased Security & Stability
  • Patch CVE-2018–17145 (INVDoS exploit)

ZENZO Chan Bot Command for checking total ZNZ burned

ZNZ Burning, On-Chain Messaging, & The ZENZO Wall

With the latest features added to ZENZO Core, users can now burn their ZNZ simply inside the debug console. Along with burning ZNZ, users can add a message that will be displayed on-chain (up to 80 bytes of data). It is possible to write a message on-chain without burning a significant amount of ZNZ, which is essentially free. For example, the command burn 0 "hello" will burn 1 ZEN or 0.00000001 ZNZ, along with the standard blockchain transaction fee.

Burn Help Command

🔥Burn ZNZ & Write a Message On-Chain✏️

Use the following command:

burn value “message”

ex: burn 0 “Hello, ZENZOnites”

Once the transaction is confirmed, it will show your in your wallet HOME page.

ZENZO Core v2.1.0 GUI

Now, you can check the transaction on the Block Explorer. Copy the transaction ID and search for it at explorer.zenzo.io.

ZENZO Block Explorer TxID Search

It will display the message you wrote down at the Outputs section. Check the example on the Block Explorer above, here.

Now, visit The ZENZO Wall and see your message in real-time!

The ZENZO Wall

The ZENZO Wall is a decentralized application (DApp) built on the ZENZO Blockchain, utilizing the burn feature to create an immutable message board. Anybody can easily post to the ZENZO Wall from inside their ZENZO Core Wallet (Debug Console). It supports small texts, short messages, and clickable URLs. This makes the ZENZO Blockchain usable as an immutable and decentralized micro-feed, that anybody can host or participate in. Furthermore, this is just a small example and application showcasing the additional potential that ZENZO can be utilized for.

Additional Notes

ZNZ Denomination Table

As ZENZO develops and evolves, it is time to have the ZENZO Coin (ZNZ) broken down into smaller units of measurement, to prepare for the times ahead. The smallest unit will be considered a ZEN. For example, just how BTC has a “Satoshi”, ZNZ now has “ZEN”. Reference the table below, if you have any questions or confusion. Learn more about the denominations and visit the ZNZ Denomination Table, here.

For News, Updates, and Announcements

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Woooooo v2.1.0. I love the new ZENZO Wall and burning/writing messages on-chain. Props to Kitty for that new feature...

Oh 100%, bless that Kitty cat @jskitty ^_^