photography about flowers that have bright colors.

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photography about flowers that have bright colors.

on this day I took photography about flowers in front of my friend's house, which have beautiful colors and are very interesting when we look at them, and I don't know what flowers are these, usually women are very knowledgeable about flower names, so I only focus on beauty course, which is so beautiful to me.

and this flower plant if it is summer it is very difficult to grow well, and bloom, so this flower is very rarely I see this flower plant, in the community or in housing, because this flower flower well, if it is not the rainy season.

and this is a flower plant that has a very bright color, especially on the part of the flower, which is so blooming.



and this is on the branches and plants, which are so good at maintaining the fertility of the soil in a flower pot in a bucket, because this flower must be really well taken care of, and must be watered in 1 day 3 times, to maintain fertility soil in a bucket pot.

photography about flowers that have bright colors.





photography about flowers that have bright colors.

this is the flower that I took with the oppoA52020 cellphone camera, and I only focused on this flower plant, because I saw only this flower plant that had a beautiful and bright color, so I was interested in seeing this flower plant, and I don't know the name of the flower What is this.

and this is all I can say in my post, if there are errors or omissions in my words, I apologize, especially in the English translation, because I use google translate mobile phones, so sometimes the words are reversed.

Photo TakenOPPO A52020
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LocationNorth - Indonesia

Apparently it is a chrysanthemum, and not only women know about flowers also Google knows a lot XD.
They are very good shots as always, it is a very beautiful flower with a somewhat peculiar aroma, the butterfly in it is a plus, thank you for staying active in this community, greetings! @masril

yes, I'm also very grateful for your visit to my post, and giving very good comments, I hope the petals community continues to advance.