This is the 129th day mobile photoshoot.

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Hello friends, Wheat is the main crop for the farmer. It always occurs in loamy soil. Wheat is cultivated in many states. In which our state is also there. Wheat cultivation takes place for a few months. In which wheat is obtained by all. Gives special attention from sowing to harvesting of wheat. It always starts harvesting in April. It can get 1 week of sunshine. Vitamins are also found in it. It is obtained from Vitamin E. Wheat is grown in India and Afghanistan. It has the largest area. Weather is important in wheat cultivation. This climate should be good for wheat. In which the temperature is 20 to 30 degrees. It is based on irrigation.





Photos captured by@ahlawat
Camera DeviceLG Q60 Rear Camera 16MP
CategoryNature, Photography, Flowers, Animals, Birds
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