A wonderful street in OMan

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No! This is not a screenshot from the Road Rash game! It is an original street photograph somewhere in Oman! This image was captured more than 4 years ago. It was for the first time I was in Oman, for an exam purpose. I was amazed by the beautiful streets of Oman. I captured a few of those beautiful streets view with my expired Samsung Note 3. I am sharing one with the community.
This street connects two cities of Oman (Swuek and Ibri). It crosses the hilly area.

Location: Oman
Device: Samsung Note 3
Captured by: Me


Nice street picture. 4 years ago which very long ago. It's a cool pic,

Yes. it is a cool picture.
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Most welcome. 😊

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@hafiz34 Congrats on winning the "I Am Alive Challenge Draw! Beautiful country. It appears to be very hot? I could look up the daily temperatures via the internet but that would not be as interesting as speaking with someone who actually has been there!

  1. What time of year?
  2. What was the temp?

This is a test..........😂 🤣

This is an old post you are making comment in.

By the way, yes, it is full summer in Oman with nearly 50°C temp here.