CC509 - Rollercoin - Playing to Get 200Ths

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In this video, I reached 200Th/s and worked a lot on the free games. Before doing the meta of this video this morning, I reached 250Th/s and plan to increase by 50Th/s a day in the coming weeks.

Enjoy the video!!!

⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

00:00 Introduction
00:56 Chesatochi Channel Intro
01:02 Playing a lot of games for reaching 200Th/s


PS: I am not a financial adviser!


I hope you enjoyed your coffee whist playing.
Just keep building and stay active you will be surprised how quickly you build up.
I threw you a like over on YouTube and subscribed to you over there as well.
Have a great day!

I always love my coffee while playing around.

Great as always!

Sounds really great, I wish you increase more than 50 Th/s per day. Keep playing and enjoy!

I am working to reach 300Ths today.