Halloween Art (ENG/ITA)

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Hello everyone, in this period everything is Halloween themed, I wanted to create works on this theme too, in this case I wanted to create these works with the technique that I am studying and experimenting in this period, that is the works generated by AI, on the contrary according to popular belief, creating this type of art is by no means a simple process, in fact two points are fundamental, the first: to find a reliable software, and the second: to try to understand the language of the software, to find those keywords that are able to to code better, try to guide the creative path and not leave it totally to chance, in fact each final image generated is the result of dozens and dozens of tests and modifications. I was the first to think that this type of illustration was a simple casual creation, but studying the subject I realized that it is absolutely not so, if it is true that an AI creates the image, the path, the characteristics, the ingredients he has to give us. , ultimately it could be an artistic tool like any other, if used with knowledge and criteria.

Having made this small premise, I present to you the works I have generated, vampires, werewolves, strange creatures and mysterious castles, these are the Halloween themes that I wanted to create, I find the results obtained very fascinating, and I wanted to present them to you in this small gallery that encloses them all together. The interior of a castle with many luminous pumpkins that illuminate a very particular room, a very mysterious castle seen from the outside with red lights that create a dark atmosphere, a vampire getting ready and drinking a glass of blood, a werewolf looking at the moon and the face of a werewolf. While they don't all follow the same artistic style, they are still tied to the theme.

I hope you enjoy this new content, as always I invite you to let me know what you think below in the comments.

Ciao a tutti, in questo periodo è tutto a tema Halloween, anche io ho voluto realizzare alcune opere su questo tema, in questo caso ho voluto realizzare queste opera con la tecnica che sto studiando e sperimentando in questo periodo, ovvero le opere generate trami IA, contrariamente a quello che si pensa creare questo tipo di arte non è affatto un processo semplice, infatti sono fondamentali due punti, il primo: trovare un software affidabile, e il secondo: cercare di capire il linguaggio del software, trovare quelle parole chiavi che riesce a codificare meglio, cercare di guidare il percorso creativo e non lasciarlo totalmente al caso, infatti ogni immagine definitiva generata è frutto di decine e decine di prove e modifiche. Io per primo pensavo che questo tipo di illustrazione fosse una semplice creazione random, ma studiando la materia ho capito che non è assolutamente così, se è vero che un IA crea l'immagine, il percorso, le caratteristiche, gli ingredienti glieli dobbiamo dare noi, in definitiva potrebbe essere uno strumento artistico come un altro, se utilizzato con conoscenza e criterio.

Fatta questa piccola premessa vi presento le opere che ho generato, vampiri, lupi mannari, strane creature e castelli misteriosi, questi sono i temi Halloween che ho voluto realizzare, trovo molto affascinanti i risultati ottenuti, e ho voluto presentarveli in questa piccola galleria che li racchiude tutti insieme. L'interno di un castello con tante zucche luminose che illuminano una stanza molto particolare, un castello molto misterioso visto dall'esterno con illuminazioni rosse che creano un'atmosfera cupa, un vampiro che si appresta e bere un bicchiere di sangue, un lupo mannaro che guarda la luna e il volto di un lupo mannaro. Anche se non seguono tutti uno stesso stile artistico sono comunque collegati dal tema.

Spero che questo nuovo contenuto vi piaccia, come sempre vi invito a farmi sapere cosa ne pensate qua sotto nei commenti.


Those are impressive :) How long did each take before you were satisfied???

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Thanks, understand the software and write a language understandable to him, minimizing the generation of unnecessary elements, it took me a couple of weeks, specifically to be satisfied with a single work it takes about an hour.

That's definitely an art form :) I hope to see more of your work in the future 🙌


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What would happen if giant ducks roam the land?

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Thanks, I'm glad you like these works.

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Oh, wow! These are amazing artworks

Amazing work of art..

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Is it a ghost or just a myth and a fantasy?

 3 months ago  

The important thing is that you like these works

They are amazing!!!! 😍😍😍

 3 months ago  

thank you

These artworks are amazing. Thanks for sharing with us.

 3 months ago  

thank you for appreciating them

Your welcome bro I will love to see more from you

All the halloween arts are really so amazing. Super work my friend. I so love the strange creatures, vampires, ware wolves, and my top of my favorites is the mysterious castles. Really so cool and I so love them all.

 3 months ago  

thanks to you for appreciating them, I'm glad to know that you liked these works.

You are most welcome my friend and the pleasure is mine. Have a great day.


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