Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge: Ant Miners The indomitable Scavenger

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Hello splinterlords and splinterladies around the world. I want to say thank you the moderators, curators and splinterlands team at large. i'm indeed greatful for the opportunity and everything I am enjoying here.

Before the season ends I was eager of what will come out of my season reward. I did not miss quest. I make sure I played my quest to the end of the season.

When the season was about 8 hours to end, I decided to complete my last quest of the season. That was were I encountered big battles and I was defeated hands down to the extent my points drastically reduced. My goal was to finish above 2200 points; unfortunately, my plans and mission was ruined in the last day. I did not give up on my dream of reaching the point, I continued playing. The more I played, the more I got defeated.

Nothing I could do than to give up on my goal. I gave up on accomplishing my goal. That was when I knew I failed. Until you give, up even though it seems not achievable, you are not failed. But the moment you give up, you have failed and you are a failure. That is the different between successful man and failure. In the recent season of the splinterlands, I am a failure because I gave up easily.

Giving up is not the best solution to whatever you are trying to achieve. Make sure to find solution to achieve it. I knew few hours after the season has ended, I shouldn't have gave up but do whatever it takes to achieve it.
My advice is that, don't give up on whatsoever you want to achieve.

Ant Miners is one of the common fire monsters with one Health at level one and 3 health at level 10 which is the last level. The ability of the monster does tremendous work. The SCAVENGE ability is from level one to the last level, the scavenge simply means when any monster dies in the battles; one health is gained. The health is added to any monster possess this ability. This is what makes such monster the scavenger.


• Equalizer: The initial health of all monsters is equal to that of the monsters on either team with the highest base health

• Rise of the Common: Only Common and rare monsters may be used in the battle

Click here to watch the battle.


• Living Lava: why I like using living Lava is because of the shield ability. The shield ability is so strong that it wasn't easy to eliminate in the battle. I understood the rules of the game very well. Therefore, I make sure living Lava is the first monster followed by other monsters.

• Fineas Rage: attacking at second position makes me happy. Imagine having 4 melee monster with 5 speed at second position. The reach ability makes me to consider this monster as indomitable and most valuable monster in this position. The health also is another factor that triggered me to used it.

• Serpentine Spy: my joy of using this monster was the battle rule- equalizer. Opportunity monster don't have enough health but very functional in most battle. It is rare to see Opportunity monster with 3 melee attack at level 3. The opportunity ability and 3 melee attack gives this monster chances to attack any monster with small health.

• Kobold Miner: this is my style of battle most times. I likes using sneaky monsters to attack from behind. Battle should not be only one way; when you battle in one way, you easily get defeated by enemies.

• Fire Beetle: The major reason I used this monster was to complete my daily quest. I was eager to complete my daily quest because the quest said, I should use snipe ability to complete my daily quest.
The other reason was to disorganize my opponent line up in the middle.

• Ant Miners: The monster of the week was majorly used to delay from killing other monsters. I knew if this monster continue to gain Health once any monster dies, it will be very difficult to eliminate it and my mission will be accomplished in no time. Placing it as my last monster was deliberate to make sure I conquer.


The first Monster was feral spirit, and it attacks ant Miners as we know that feral spirit is a sneaky monster. Followed by Fineas Rage that attacked gelatinous cube. One monster that fear me most from opponent line up was sandworm; an attack from sandworm brought Ant Miners' health to 6. When I saw divine healer increased the health of gelatinous cube, I got worried more. An attacked from living Lava brought gelatinous cube's health to 7. Herbalist could not do anything; it was a wasteful effort since it has no effect on living Lava.

Round 2
At this round, the most damaged monster is Ant Miners. It health was reduced to 4. An attacked from Fineas Rage and serpentine spy brought gelatinous cube down and this happened before divine healer could increased its health. Therefore, Ant Miners was safe from elimination as sandworm led the battle. Living Lava's health was reduced to 9. Fire beetle continued to sniped creeping Ooze while Kobold Miner also constantly reduced the health of herbalist.


Living Lava was about to die, and Sandworm was already gone as both health were drastically reduced. Though at this level, none of my monster was eliminated.

Three opponent monsters remained at this round. Sandworm and herbalist were finally eliminated and Ant Miners was again saved from elimination as feral spirit led the battle. Therefore, Ant Miners was saved for ever from this battle.

Feral spirit attacked living Lava which brought living Lava health to 3. Round 5 was the end of creeping Ooze which gave more Opportunity to my Monsters to attack faster as the one speed removed from all my monsters returned. Ant Miners also gained more health, which brought it health from one back to the 4.

Feral spirit and divine healer were the only monsters remained in my opponent line up. Living Lava was finally eliminated in round 6. At round 7 Fineas Rage led the battle; divine healer was eliminated and feral spirit was the last monster to be eliminated.

I like this monsters not only because of what it did in this battle but what it has been doing for me. Just take a look at this battle, if not because of scavenger ability; if I placed another monster there, it would have been eliminated. This could have caused more damage to my monsters and line up.

I don't hesitate to use this monster once the opportunity open to me. I used it in any position; depends on the battle rules and it works for me.

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All the pictures and gif are gotten from splinterlands website


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