Terminando con mi visita al centro comercial/Ending with my visit to the mall

in Olio di Balena4 months ago

Esta belleza estaba en el estacionamiento del centro comercial

This beauty was in the parking lot of the mall

La mayoría de los visitantes llega en su propio automóvil , hay varios estacionamientos

Most visitors arrive by car, there are several parking lots

En una zona muy exclusiva

In a very exclusive area

Las afueras del centro

The outskirts of the center

Dos fotos interesantes

Two interesting photos

El almuerzo que compré. les deseo un feliz inicio de semana

The lunch I bought. I wish you a happy start of the week


Direi niente male questo centro commerciale, bella quella jeep nel parcheggio

Sì, è una bella macchina.

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Thank you very much .
I wish you a happy start of the week

You are welcome @lupega, that's with pleasure! We wish you a happy buzzy week 😊👍🐝