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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine here is another post about the Splinterlands game in which i will be sharing the quest rewards of today and will share a card from the gladius edition which is a rare card.


Ajax Lightfoot has incredible stories of adventures on the other side of the world, but few Splinterlanders believe them. Since his migration to Lyveria with the first of the Khmer ships, he has regaled countless passers by with these stories in an effort not to brag about his conquests, [read more]

This is a gladius card from the life family that i got recently from the gladius pack opening that i got from the last brawls so now the next brawl fighting is about to start in which i will participate fully to get some more merits from it and will buy another pack of the gladius. However, this is a nice card with a range attack that cost less mana, and even you can use it in the little league ruleset so this will be a great choice to use it in the low mana battles where only 4 mana cards are usable and also it will get two armor from the beta life monster.



Here is the abilities of this card that you can see in the snap where the bloodlust is already activated at level 1 while the two abilities need some more BCX of this card to unlock those abilities for work which is a Dodge and phase for which you need lots of cards to upgrade it to next level for unlocking abilities but still the bloodlust ability is a beast for your battlefield if its work perfectly.



Well, it was last paper today so now i am free from the exams for some time so i can give more time to hive and Splinterlands to play some more battles even today i played some battles but the rating to reach 1900 is not possible with today battles but still reached to 1800+ rating and tomorrow i will be there to reach back to the gold league again and will claim the quest rewards in it. However, these are the rewards of today's quest which is useless because in 4 loot chests you can get only these 3 cards only that we are getting on a daily basis from our quest rewards.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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Assalamu alaikum brother ,
This card looks good it has a nice speed and mana cost is also low. I have also joined a guild recently but have no knowledge what we can do with guilds.
Seems like we can earn some good stuff from in-game after reading your post

walekum salam bro.. exactly bro this time i will use this card in a brawl to check that how it works with bloodlust ability. Try to join top ranking guild bro where you can get a chance to play the brawls battle