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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine. In today's post, I will share today's focus quest rewards of my level 1 account after claiming the season rewards and today's update of the splinterlands game with modern and wild editions.



Well, it was a busy day again and just came home and after eating dinner and finishing other stuff finally i sit in front of my lappy and start playing the game and saw this update of the modern and wild edition in which the wild edition will allow me to use all the cards while the modern edition has only chaos legion edition and untamed edition cards which are not yet upgraded and also i do not have many cards in the chaos legion and untamed edition most of the cards are from the beta edition that i bought while from untamed edition i have specific cards from the untamed edition that i upgraded from packs opening. However, i am still not sure which one is best if anyone knows let me know in the comment section.



The splinterlands team is distributing vouchers on daily basis the 20k vouchers are distributed among the SPS stakeholders if you have a stake of 40k+ then you will be getting 2 vouchers reward per day worth 1.5 hive and if you have participated in the pre-sale of the node then will be getting some more vouchers because they are also getting the vouchers rewards who bought a validator node recently now it cost more while in the pre-sale it was 50% off i have 13 vouchers that i got from the SPS staking rewards and will increase my stake to invest more in the SPS after the airdrop ends.



Well, it was a focused quest with the fire splinter and i played some battles yesterday but the RP point i was getting too high the required RP points for making loot chests were too high so i made only 8 loot chest that i claimed after claiming the season end rewards and got two packs from nearly 40 loot chest with roughly 1000 DEC tokens but later i claimed these rewards and i was surprised by getting enough DEC tokens from the daily chests in my level 1 account i got 1400 DEC from the daily focus and this was the first awesome claimed quest rewards hope i will get more.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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