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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine. In today's post, I will be sharing the season-end rewards from my two accounts and you can and will be participating in the social media challenge which is hosted by the Splinterlands team.


Well, so today i am participating in the social media challenge as i am not regularly participating in this challenge nor in the weekly battle challenge but when i get free time i am participating as i am on duty for 12 hours night shift so have lots of free time today for taking part in this challenge.



Another season is ended today and the new one started while in the last season i reached gold league and did not touched the diamond league while the rewards i made in the last season was 24 chest that you can see in the snap above where you can see one legendary card with two epics that i am going to share below and one rare card with 5 common cards. Also, i got 5 SPS in the gold league rewards the SPS reward ratio is very less while in the diamond league you can get enough SPS as i recently got 400+ SPS with lots of other rewards worth $36 while in the gold league you can not get enough good rewards it depends on your luck.



Here is the legendary Oshannus from the water splinter which is a reward card and i got this reward card so many time here is the 8th BCX that you can see and i already have at level 3 while the TWO BCX are extra that which i will rent out while the main level 3 version i will use this card in my battles. This is a great card for the beta water summoner which you can see which has some cool abilities the void, phase and the forcefield ability with 3 magic attack in the beta water summoner and has some nice speed that also will miss some attacks from the enemy team if that monsters has slow speed.


It was a great rewards from the season-end that you can see above in which i got two epic cards and one legendary from the water splinter the two epics are here the one belong to the water splinter while the other one is from the life splinter which also giving one health to all friendly team and has the magic attack which you can use in high mana battles and has the triage ability which will heal your backline friendly monsters and will target the enemy monsters with its magic attack. However, i already have this card at level level 4 with triage ability unlocked and some Extra BCX available for rent that i will rent out soon.

The 2nd epic monster is from the water splinter which i did not got that much time but soon i will convert and upgrade this card to atleast level 3 which has the reflection shield ability and can be used as a blast shield in the 2nd position to the first friendly monster as it has the reach ability which can attack from the 2nd position as it is a cheaper card that needs to be upgraded soon but i will wait for the rewards to get this card from the focuses and season-end rewards then i will be upgrading this card to level 3 for the reflection shield ability with its reach ability. However, at max level the true strike ability that will never ever miss its attack.



Well, here you can see the season-end rewards from my alt account in which i have bough the archmage bot for playing battles and made 24 loot chests for me but the rewards i got is not awesome as i got one epic only and rest of the loot chests for potions and some common cards and 11 SPS tokens with 158 merits but still not good rewards as i did not got any single pack today from my both accounts nor a gold card but it is fine because the rewards was less and i did not played battles in the last season.



Here you can see the focus rewards from my both account today as the first focus rewards are here with one rare card and 3 common cards these are the silver league rewards with 5 legendary potions and 7 merits but not good at all. However, the next season end rewards will be worst as i did not unlocked the gold league and the current league is bronze league while the season end rewards will from the silver league hope the rewards will be many but not be worthy because of the lower league.


Last but not least here the focus rewards of my main account which is from the gold league and today i played some battles and made 7 loot chests and the rewards you can see in which i got some SPS and one rare card with 16 legendary potions so the rewards from golg league is good compared to the silver and bronze league.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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long time moeenali and congrats on the loot, you are doing well😊

Awww burl the great.. thanks for the feedback hope you will be fine too


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Not bad rewards I would say 😉