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BAT is the cryptocurrency with which Brave users who view advertisements are rewarded.
Looking at BAT's one-year chart, we see that in the second half the price has risen nicely. During this last year, the BAT token reached a high of 1.5 $, while the minimum was 0.18 $.
Link to the official website:
In the last month I received 1.5 BAT by surfing with BRAVE.

The rewards in BAT for surfing and viewing advertisements in my opinion are still a bit low, while I think that the value of the BAT token is bound to increase with time. I think BAT has a 70% chance of returning to its all-time high before the end of 2021.

Do you use BRAVE browser?

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Il BAT è la criptovaluta con cui vengono ricompensati gli utenti di Brave che visionano le inserzioni pubblicitarie.
Andando a settare il grafico di BAT ad un anno, notiamo che nella seconda metà il prezzo ha subito un buon rialzo. Durante questo ultimo anno il token BAT ha toccato un massimo di 1,5 $, mentre il minimo è stato di 0,18 $.
Link al sito ufficiale:
Nell’ultimo mese ho ricevuto 1,5 BAT navigando con BRAVE.

Le ricompense in BAT per navigare e visionare inseriti pubblicitari a mio avviso sono ancora un po’ scarse, mentre credo che il valore del token BAT è destinato a salire con il tempo. Penso che BAT abbia un 70% di possibilità di tornare al suo massimo di sempre prima della fine del 2021.

Voi usate BRAVE browser?
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I have this browser installed, I use it sometimes, this browser the best thing it has is a great privacy potential

Months ago I was taking 5 BAT a month sailing with BRAVE, now I get to take 1.5. It will improve next year. For privacy it's great

Yup! I used it long time ago! But I stopped as it was so slow!! LoL

I also noticed that it got worse. The browsing speed seems good to me, but the rewards come in smaller quantities

I wish we have a really good and fast browser!

There are several blockchain-based browsers, but I haven't tried them yet

I've been using Brave since late 2018 and I do like it!

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I can confirm that a year ago I was about 5 BAT a month now 1.5. In my opinion, the problems of Ethereum have also affected this project. If I'm not mistaken BAT is an ERC-20 token

I do use Brave for some things, but to be honest, being so busy as I am, it is hard to track all tokens and activity

I confirm that I too struggle to keep track of all the tokens I follow. But I try to give the best I can, I think the next six months will be important. Perhaps some altcoins have prices that we will not see again in 1 year

Anche se i pagamenti non sono alti, il sistema funziona, e piuttosto che niente...

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