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Greetings, dear friends of Hive Blockchain! I hope you all are doing well and feeling healthy. I am also good and enjoying my life. It's Tuesday 9th day of August 2022 here in Pakistan. I am again here to share my daily focus rewards and result of one gladius pack opening of the Splinterlands game with you people. I was very busy today with the workers doing two works in our house. One work was of making cupboards in kitchen and other was of construction. I got free from them at the evening and then I get refreshed. I claimed my focus rewards very late today because I forgot about it. Then I claimed my rewards of the Healing focus in which I made 2 focus chests. I completed these two focus missions yesterday night. The new focus was given in the Defend monster abilities but I changed it and the new focus was given in the Earth splinter for which I a happy. I prefer to play the splinter focus instead of other focuses because in the splinter focus we get more RP points shares. Currently, I am still playing in the Gold 3 league and I was rewarded with 2 loot chests in which I got 1 card and 48 Dec.


Claimed Quest Rewards:




Today I opened one gladius pack that I bought on 2000 merits. Yesterday I received 2700 merits for the brawl battles rewards. I was having a total of 2900 merits so I can buy one gladius pack on it. I bought one pack for 2k merits and opened it directly in which I got one epic card and four common cards.

Annotation 2022-08-08 233107.jpg


My Current League and Rating:

In the below screenshot you can see there are still 6 days and 20 hours remaining in this season. My pending season end rewards are still 13 because I didn't find enough time to play the game. I got the Defend focus for tomorrow but I changed it and the new focus was given in the Earth splinter for which I am happy. My current league is still Gold 3 and today I reached a 2075 rating.



This is all about today, Thanks for visiting my blog.



If you are new to Splinterlands and want to join, you are welcome, you can join from the below link.

  • If you are a newbie and want to ask something, you are welcome I am always available 🤚 to help you.
  • All images used in this post are downloaded from the Splinterland official website.
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You've got 2 heavy duty melee attackers for 2nd position, what a nice duo. Good cards this time.

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Yes both are hard hitter with Reach ability.

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