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Now that the weather is so hot here, I remember more and more the beautiful cool waterfalls of New Zealand. How nice it would be to stand under one of them at this moment... But just looking at it is also good, isn't it? Please, show me what you can do with this shot to make it better.

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For Fix It Friday I would like you to edit my photo.

  1. Download the RAW file or the FULL SIZE JPG
  2. Edit the picture
  3. Post your version in the comments
  4. Only one entry per person, per post
  5. Feel free to make your own blog post… but be sure to post the image in the comments as well.
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  6. Submissions are due by: Sunday 14-00 UTC


I will be giving HIVE TIPS to winners which will translate to PhotoGames points on the Leaderboard

Game: "FixItFriday"

  • 1st Place = 8 Hive
  • 2nd Place = 5 Hive
  • Honorable Mention = 3 Hive
  • Honorable Mention = 3 Hive



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There was very little color in the photo and maybe black and white would be a good choice, but I still wanted color, so I slightly intensified the existing colors and added contrast.

Thank you all for your participation!

1st place: @ismaelgranados - your dinosaur is just right here! So unexpected and funny, I can't resist :)
2nd place: @bil.prag - the color in the photo is very nice.
Honorable Mention: @fotostef - a very successful crop, I didn't dare to make one myself, I regretted losing the left side, but maybe it was worth to do.
Honorable Mention: @wnfdiary - it turned out great, so the bird looks forward to the future.

@aiparker, @asgarth, @livinguktaiwan, @r00sj3, @repayme4568, @sigota, @sjarvie5 - all of you have great versions of photo too. Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much, i entitle the image ·"The Lagoon Ness Monster" hehe, Congratulations to the winners and all participants.

Thank you very much!

Thank you @kibela :)

 2 years ago  


I would do a hair-flip in these sorts of locations. So I just photoshopped myself in it ;)

ha ha you are so funny!

 2 years ago  

if you don't have the skills to make a good looking edit, you need to use your charm instead ;)

This is really funny, you were my next candidate for a prize with this witty idea. Thanks!

I don't know if it is better that way but it is definitely a cool picture :)


i like the fall, be bird is posing and for some reason i wanted more green on the left :) and maybe i would not like it if there was more trees there :)

changed the aspect ratio a bit, tried to get some more color, dehaze it and did some doge and burn.

Black and white is a perfect match for this remarkable photo. The bird is in the center of the golden ratio and I don't know why but my eyes are sucer for left corners here, so that's why the birdie is looking another way.

 2 years ago  

I think it's already quite good :D ...but tried to give a more dramatic look.


 2 years ago  

Oh, you don't want to stand under that... it hurts!!

Well, maybe not under the main stream, but nearby... In fact, at + 34C and without air conditioning in the apartment, it seems to me very tempting 😅

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I may have gone a bit overboard, but why not!!

It is funky, very modern!


I went with a warm edit emphasizing the beautiful greenery.

I made it instantly quite and clear