GUESS WHERE THIS IS - PhotoGames WhereIsIt Wednesday, Season 3 Week 6

in PhotoGames2 years ago

Where is it?

I like this kind of architecture. Who can guess exactly where I took this photo? I know it won't be difficult for search professionals... But I'm wondering how quickly you will find it :)



  1. For this FiveWs-Wednesday I would like you to guess WHERE is it?
  2. Only one guess per person, per post.
  3. No editing your guess - you have to commit!
  4. Submissions are due by: Friday 11-00 UTC

I will be giving HIVE TIPS to winners which will translate to PhotoGames points on the Leaderboard

  • 1st Place = 8 Hive
  • 2nd Place = 5 Hive
  • 3rd Place = 2 Hive




All posts in C/Photogames have a 40% beneficiary to @photogames.pool to increase the game rewards.

 2 years ago  

My guess would be that you were standing around here:
It kinda looks like the Cittadella Nuova in Pisa, Italy

 2 years ago  

Okok.... I'll give away some of my magic...

Screenshot 2021-06-23 at 12.44.12.png

All great tricks seem less difficult when you are shown how to do them ... Problems start when you try to do them yourself :)

 2 years ago  

yeah.... it's a mix of skills, luck, and endurance ;)

And in advance, I can never predict what trick will give me the answer. But I'm lucky enough to have a bunch of tricks up my sleeve!

Your search is flawless, congratulations, 1st place!

 2 years ago  

thank you!!

Well I will go for 3rd place and guess Cittadella Nuova in Pisa, Italy.

Although it looks like @wnfdiary guessed before r00sj3

 2 years ago  

he edited his guess ;)

Naaah, She was first. I fired 50+ km away. I am still figuring how she can find all these places. My first assumption is she is working for a spy agency.

Congratulations, 2nd place!

Cittadella Nuova in Pisa, Italy

Congratulations, 3rd place!

Wahoo! Thank you!

I am going with San Gimignano. Nope, of course it is like @r00sj3 said. Cittadella Nuova, old fort in Giardino Scotto Park, Pisa, Italy. How on earth?

 2 years ago  

Sorry ;)

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