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THEME: Rural Landscape



For Show off Saturday we would like you to share a picture that relates to the theme.

  1. Choose a picture (it must be your own) that relates to this topic.
  2. Post a picture in the comments section
  3. Only one photo, per person, per post.
  4. No editing your guess - you have to commit!
  5. Submissions are due by: 13:00 PM UTC Monday, May 30


I will be giving HIVE TIPS to winners which will translate to PhotoGames points on the Leaderboard

  • Game: "ShowOff Saturday"
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    Honorable mention = 1 Hive



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Everyone shared great photos, thank you so much! This made my choice very difficult :)
However, the winners are:

  1. @bil.prag This field of blooming poppies just won me over!
  2. @fotostef It's hard to resist peaceful sheep grazing at sunset!
  3. @sharker Ah, those green vineyards! I have always had a weakness for such views from above :)
    H.M. @itchyfeetdonica This gentle Swiss pastoral landscape is like something out of a fairy tale.

Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks a lot :)

Thank you! =)

That was a really hard theme for me. Not because I don't have pictures to fit but because I have too many of them :)
You see I don't only like to travel to rural areas, I actually live in one!
Anyway I have chosen a favorite image that I took in front of my grandmother's house. The location is the island of Crete in Greece!


 last year  

Love it!

Damn great colours!!!!!! simply splendid - !BEER

Hey @fotostef, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

Haha, I'm sorry I made you suffer the pain of choice :) This is a great shot, such cute and calm sheep and the sunset sky! Thank you.

Here's my entry!


 last year  

Wow it is great. Where is it?

Thanks Sara! It's a view up the Langdale Valley in the English Lake District. Taken on a hike a few summers ago. It had rained all day, and then the clouds broke and we had a bit of sunshine. :)

Oh what a majestic landscape! It makes me want to take a walk there. Thank you for participating :)

Thank you @kibela! It's a great spot for a hike. :)

For sure! :)

Poppies are the theme for my posting today :)

Love it

 last year  

wow those are beautiful

This field and the church behind the hill, so beautiful! And such an unusual color, at first I thought it is a lavender field :) Thanks!

My understanding is that these are the colors of Puppies planted for food.
I am not sure how much regulation is there to plant it, but every year there are several fields around my place. And they do look great.

Oh, that's interesting. Thanks, now I'll know :) And yes, they look amazing!

 last year  

Me too @fotostef, me too. I recently made a favorite landscapes gallery and there are 222 pictures to chose from. @jarvie you need to do this one, rural landscapes are your expertise!

I am choosing this view of Middleton-in-Tessdale in England. In 2019 my younger sister and younger brother @jarvie and I went on a family history trip to the land of our ancestors and I was so impressed with this beautiful rual town where my mother's, mother's, mother's, father's, father lived.

Your ancestral family come from a very pretty area of England! 😍

 last year  

Yes, it was so amazing to be there. We also went through the Lake District and up into Scotland where my dad's family are from.

That sounds like a very photogenic trip! :)

Yes, I remember that trip! This is a beautiful picture :)

mdaa.... it seems that Russian rural/countryside I shared -- by a thousand light years -- is such a poor and abandoned area. which it actually is...

NB. your photo and stef's are my faves!

Yes, unfortunately, the condition of our villages often leaves much to be desired... But the fields themselves can also be beautiful! For example, like this field that I shared in the post :)

uh... ofc they can be. but at my place, which I visit from time to time in summer, there are no fields. nothing special. (обычное садоводческое хозяйство на глинах и мхах. ни тебе скирд сена красивеньких, ни козочек с коровами... грибы разве что есть, но тоже немного :-)


Ну да, у меня на малой родине в целом тоже ничего примечательного раньше не видела, но теперь чаще получается увидеть и красивую сторону сельской жизни. А фотогеничные скирды и стога сена - это просто бомба, на севере европейской части видели.
Не поверю, что грибов под Питером немного - вы часто их так много и таких красивых показываете)

в целом как раз хорошо, много сосновых лесов. они после берёзовых второе самое то для грибоницы. это конкретно у меня не очень, дача на болоте и глинах *-) а путешествовать по разным местам - случается редко и разово. в основном, путешествую "стоя на коленях на заднем дворе", вооружившись макро-объективом 😎

Это тоже хорошо и результативно)

What a serene, idyllic view! I would like to live there for a while, despite the fact that since childhood I had no desire to cultivate the land :) It must have been a very pleasant trip! Thank you for participating.

Eastern USA


 last year  


I love such shots, with the path going forward through the trees, it awakens the desire to walk for hours! This is beautiful, thanks for sharing :)

Here's my entry: iconic Swiss rural landscape. Those tiny dots on the meadows are cows and sheep. :)


Oh, the lake, the fields, the hills and even the mountains - all together! Simply charming! My dream is to visit Switzerland one day. Thanks for sharing :)

Rural landscape from above :) These are vineyards somewhere in South America.


Oh, I love such geometric views! And I also appreciate the products produced by vineyards :)

One in black and white. Rice paddies.


I always dreamed of getting a good look and maybe wandering among the rice terraces. Thank you for participating!

I'm in this contest! 100% upvoted.

🦆 In the Reeds

The full post is here: https://ecency.com/hive-123046/@valerianis/in-the-reeds-show-off


Cute ducks, and soon ducklings will appear :)
Thank you for participating!


This is what I came up with, after 30-minutes of screening and shaking my archives... I actually have almost no bright and vivid 'rural' shots...

There is something in this, it conveys an atmosphere of abandonment - but at the same time it is clear that life goes on.
Thank you for participating! :)

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Noooooo, I missed it.

Unfortunately yes. This happens. But another week of Photogames has begun, join and take part! :)