Worldwide PhotoGames

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Below is a map of the Photo Stars for Week 5 of @PhotoGames season 3. Each week there are 4 Photo Stars and this week 4 different continents are represented.

It really is a worldwide game.


@bil.prag is representing Europe and Serbia specifically. Check out his great collection Discover Serbia. He is one of the original @photogames players from 2018.


@eolinde is very new to Hive (Feb. 2021) and @photogames. She is representing South America and Venezuela specifically.


@sigota is representing Asia and Indonesia and is also very new to Hive and @photogames (April 2021). Check our her Introduction.


@sjarvie is the "Revitalizer" of PhotoGames. She missed the community and competition and wanted to start playing again. She missed the cool community. She is representing North America and the United States. Here is her Intro Post.

The great thing is that the Photo Stars are also regular players who... are hosting games for a week. So the representation of how worldwide Hive and PhotoGames is really amazing when you look at all the 94 people that have subscribed to C/PhotoGames.

We at @PhotoGames are very excited to have you as part of our community!