CREATE A TITLE : PhotoGames TitleTuesday, Season 3 Week 6

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Come up with the best title for this photo!

You can see this picture somewhere in South Africa. What title would you give it?



  1. For this Title Tuesday I would like you to come up with the best title for the photo. It can be the cleverest, the funniest, the most dramatic or even the most random title. Remember you are appealing to me.
  2. Only one title per person, per post.
  3. No editing your guess - you have to commit!
  4. Submissions are due by: Thursday 11-00 UTC

I will be giving HIVE TIPS to winners which will translate to PhotoGames points on the Leaderboard

  • 1st Place = 6 Hive
  • 2nd Place = 4 Hive
  • 3rd Place = 2 Hive
  • Honorable Mention = 1 Hive




All posts in C/Photogames have a 40% beneficiary to @photogames.pool to increase the game rewards.


How many interesting variants of the title for this photo you have got! Frankly, most of the ideas would not have crossed my mind :)

Thank you all for your participation, titles were very good!
@itchyfeetdonica, @friendlymoose, @ismaelgranados, @chacald.dcymt, @eve66, @bil.prag, @r00sj3, @qwerrie, @eolinde, @aiparker, @fotostef, @scottshots.

Also thanks and congratulations to the winners, your titles were just great for me!

  1. @thekittygirl
  2. @wnfdiary
  3. @livinguktaiwan
    HM. @sigota

Thanks! 😃

Thank you! 😊

Muchas gracias!

most of the ideas would not have crossed my mind :)

same with me! reading the list was a pleasure. creative minds do work different :=)

That's for sure! :)

Thank you for sharing this crazy amazing photo with us. Nature never disappoints

I absolutely agree about nature! :)

Thank you very much. Congratulations to the winners.

The game of "Musical Nests" ended. Oswald was out, again.

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Hello @thekittygirl, welcome to the PhotoGames community!

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Enjoy the games!

Had to make sure nobody else had said this already..

Social Distance

Flooded by Titles, Crying for the Best

Alive: The sinking survivors

Feathered Resort Hotel🐦

C567 virus


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Global warming: Trouble Underwater for Birds Day Care

'a crown of thorns of feathered friends'

"The cormorent was late"

Rolling in the Deep.

Budget 7 bedrooms apartment with unobstructed water view.

"Hangry Birds"