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The David is one of my favorite works of all time. The thing that impresses me most about it is that the marble looks like there bones, veins and muscle. This angle shows off that amazing detail.



For Show off Saturday we would like you to share a picture that relates to the theme.

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This stunning sculpture of a military doctor over the corpse of a soldier is in the Museum of New Zealand. The exhibition is called "Gallipoli: The Scale of Our War".

The giant sculptures took a staggering 24,000 hours to create, and countless hours were spent researching their rich histories.


@sharker 1st place. At first this looked like a photograph. It is good you got the other lady in there for scale. It made me want to learn more about it. Thanks!

Thank you!
Yes, these figures look very realistic. This museum is one of the most stunning I have seen, yet it is not very large.

Truly amazing!


3rd place. striking piece.

 2 months ago  

Screenshot 2021-06-19 at 18.25.10.png

Hi @sjarvie5, it's nice to be back with your game.
This is a mural of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam. It is also known as Children's Day in Vietnam. The mural brings back my childhood memories.


Hi Do Do. Great to have you back playing. Great mural.

Thank you for sharing part of culture and self with this piece.

Part of a handmade weft from jute and wool, on my partner's loom.


You can see here how it turned out!

Yay such beautiful handcrafted art

Glad you like it :)

2nd place. I have a soft spot for art made by people we know. And I am amazed that she works on the loom.

It was not easy to take this picture. There is too much light, and the glaze is very shiny.
Anyway, this is one of the pieces I like the most from the time when my mother worked ceramics.


@eolinde thank you so much for showing some of your mom's art.

I'm glad to do it. I'm a fan:)

Tatsuya Tanaka is a Japanese miniature artist and uses everyday objects to create miniature scenes. I went to see his exhibition on Taiwan a few years ago, it was so fascinating and creative.

So fun. Thanks!

When we were in Singapore we visited an exhibition of modern art. One installation was a neon sign " NEW IDEAS FOR OTHER TIMES! in red and in blue " TIME FOR OTHER IDEAS". What did we do? We used that art and made our own art. Hmmm, is this kidnapping an art? However, you can decide how the photos came out.


Hi Ian. Thanks for your submission. I would like to remind you of rule #3

  1. Only one photo, per person, per post.

Thanks for keeping to that rule.


yajks, thanks for noticing. Corrected.

Cool thanks. I think just about all the games have a one submission limit.


Here's a fun piece of art upcycled from used objects that I saw in Havana, Cuba.

More artworks and background info in this post if interested. :)

Mural art