Technology Is The Result Of Brain Evidence. Proof Of Brain Photo Contest.

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One of the world's wonders is technology, which has reduced human effort and transitioned us from the stone age to the modern era. Technology is such a reality in which all religions are in agreement on one platform. Religions are difficult to bring together on one platform, but the reality of technology is as clear as the light of day. When I think back to the past, there was no such thing as technology, people didn't have clothes to wear, people didn't know how to live their lives, and many other things. But you are now in a stage where you can feel life and communicate easily from one end of the world to the other.

In this post, I discuss technology and show some possible images that I captured. This is also my entry for the next round of the Proof of Brain Photo Contest, where the topic is TECHNOLOGY. My photos are related to my job as a bank officer. Some images were taken in my office, while others were taken while visiting various ATM machines. The first image is of an ATM, which is considered advanced technology that makes human life easier. Simply by placing your finger on the NFC, you can withdraw money from any ATM machine. This means that you are in banks while using ATMs. You can conduct any transaction anywhere in the world.

The following image depicts the technology of counting machines, which has made the life of a cashier easier. Bankers used to count cash with their hands, which was very time consuming and wasted a lot of effort. However, you can now perform cash counting, which allows you to easily sort and remove fake notes. Of course, the CPU is modern technology without which human life would be impossible. Computers, which are the most important part of technology, can be found all over the world. Offices fail without this technology, and the world system fails without this advanced technology, which is the computer. We are grateful to those who invented this technology.

Tablets and UPS are two more examples of technology that is more advanced than the computer. This technology allows you to communicate with relatives and friends all over the world. As a result, all technology is the result of proof of brain and high creatures human beings. But one thing should be remembered: instead of destroying casts and religions, we should use technology to help humanity. This is an overall assessment of technology and its benevolence to humans.

Special thanks to @friendlymoose and @melinda010100 for organising such lovely contests and allowing us to share our thoughts. Another special thanks to @elmerlin, who has always been supportive and helpful on this platform. This is my attempt to provide you with the best images and some reading material. I hope you enjoy the photography and the reading. If you enjoyed it, please leave a comment so that the next post can be even better. Thank you for sticking with me until the end.

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Is your country still using cash predominantly? There is a coming 'war' on cash to enable government surveillance of all financial records for everybody.
CBDC's are the talk of many Central banks now, I wonder as a worker in a Bank, whether you have heard much about this in your country? I know that Modi took some larger notes out of circulation to reduce "money laundering", but I feel like the next step is just to force everybody to use a CBDC.

Yes, we still use this type of machine and work with cash. In my country, there is no such development to deal with online transactions, which means buying and selling without using physical cash.

Second, I'm not aware of CBDC, and there is no such function in place here. For your information, I am from Pakistan, and MODI is India's Prime Minister.

I see.

About the India thing, I saw Indiaunited tag so assumed you are from India.


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Cash machines are disappearing from the streets and shops here.
They are target of criminals that let them explode or drive cars into them to get the money.
Over here (The Netherlands) we see the use of paper bills and coins getting less.

I often pay with my phone nowadays.

Sounds good. But here ATM machines are increasing day by day to provide the best facility to it's customers.