My first post on liketu. How I came across the platform via google

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Since I've been on hive, I've never come across liketu. I would say coming across liketu is devine. Let me explain

I wanted to get some things online and a friend told me to try ***liket***. I searched and wrote and I got a pop up. See the image below

Screenshot (514).png

I didn't hesitate to click on continue, and I found myself on the site. This isn't what I'm looking for I said. I scrolled and checked many images and decided to sign up. When I saw this image below, I was like, WOW! This is on hive blockchain

Screenshot (510).png

I clicked on hive keychain and logged in. That was how I navigated my way to see how the platform is used. I searched on hive communities and subscribed. It was a funny journey because I didn't expect what I came across

This is awesome. Here are some of my pictures at work on Saturday taking a class on technical indicators. It was fun. I hope to keep posting on liketu now that I've gotten to know about the platform. I love the fact that it can be used on my PC. The site is well designed, and simple to use

tech 1.jpg

tech 2.jpg

Thank you so much for staying tuned.

This is ckole the laughing gas

One love.

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I really don't know what to say. You found the site and then said you can't wait to keep posting on it even tho this post was not posted with liketu.

Yea, I wanted to post with my images aligned with my contents, but If I use the liketu platform at first, all my images would be at the top. As a blogger, I learned to post with images following my descriptions, and since I wanted to show my step-by-step explanation, I decided to use the hive end. Maybe I should have uploaded all the images via liketu and put the explanation below. I think you understand my point. I just want a better explanation. I will use the liketu platform in my next publication. Hope you understand me now. Thanks for the comment.

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But you said that you are using liketu in the post.. and you're not!

The images are all at the top, and yes they don't look as nice in other front-ends, but they look better on liketu, where you can browse through all the images, whilst reading the description on the right. It's how pretty much all picture based platforms do it.

We can look at ways to improve the views of posts made on liketu on other front-ends, but it's important that we don't lose our identity on our own front-end in the process.

Now I understand your plight. I'm also an upcoming dev, so I get the info. I'm just getting to know liketu platform, and with all sincerity, I think the aim and objectives of creating anything should not be overlooked. I agree with you that the identity on the front end must be kept alive. I appreciate your gestures @elmerlin. Henceforth, all the way.

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