What England Looks Like The Day Of Her Majesty's Funeral

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Did I say that right, Her Majesty with a capital H? I think that's how you say it. Magistrate, The Queen, that's what I call her, The Queen. Didn't even know there was a II after it until last week. Queen Elizabeth II; royal crown of the royal family, monarch CEO, Andrew's mother—her. Today's her funeral.


We leave for Paris tomorrow. I needed some cash. I hate cash but I hate it even more when I need it and don't have any. Where I'm from we tip drivers and bellhops and whoever else offers their services to make life easier. So I grabbed an umbrella and took off to the ATM while Pura stayed back. She's reading The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck right now under a blanket with the heater on cuz it's freezing in England in September!! I had the whole town to myself.








It's a ghost town out there. Like an afternoon in a Mormon town on a Sunday only worse. Even the ATM is in mourning.


But if you ever wanted to kneel in the middle of the street at lunch time and snap photos for your imaginary friends in virtual land, today's the day. Not a car in sight today that isn't parked.






So I got comfortable. Hung out with me for a minute on one of many open benches and looked at nothing. Then I sat on a different one. And a different one like musical chairs only different cuz the only music I hear are church bells in the distance but I don't think they ever stopped.



Then I started trippin like..

Am I even supposed to be out here?

They're gonna know I'm not from here if it's lockdown 2.0 right now and I'm the only one who didn't get the memo.

But the embassy didn't say shit!

They usually email me when trains are on strike or there's a terrorist threat or my visa's about to expire but all they said was businesses will be closed so plan ahead.

No one said anything about stay inside.

And if they smell weed and come here they'll think it's me for sure cuz I'm the only one out here and I'm smoking a joint.

I gotta get outta here. I'm probably not supposed to be out here and they're watching me. They knew I needed the ATM, I bet that's why it didn't work, they've been watching me the whole time.

Damn this is some good weed!

Church bells are still ringing. I think those are church bells.

I need something to drink.

What if those aren't church bells and they're sirens and they're coming to get me?! I'm outta here, I got a plane to catch in the morning.



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You're most welcome. Thank you for having me.

Soooo creepy to see totally nobody on the streets.
Must have been one hell of a joint @dandays 😉😎
Safe travels and have fun!

Much thanks. Don't be surprised if I try to mirror your photo of a cappuccino and a Coke Zero. My phone always capitalizes Coke Zero <-- like that! Doesn't even ask, it just does it. They're watching my phone too!!

Much love LittleBee, thank you. <3

They are everywhere @dandays… hahaha 🤣
Enjoy your trip (S) 😉

No worries, all fine… you know that 😎
Funny it does that Coke Zero comes out like that. I just tried, and as you can see… my iPad does do the same. Interesting 🤔

Much love 🤗 you are welcome!

Hey @dandays, what's shackin'? trying my best to get back in the game. I miss my cyber friends. You and pura okay? I have been TCB for the last 2 months and have ignored some of my most cherished #hive peeps. sorry!

You must have heard the news; all of my Florida hot spots are now DONE. I am so glad I didn't do what I did last year, book and pay in advance for a premo house in Cape Coral, just minutes to Fort Myers. That entire area is devastated.

Okay, so come on back to the states my friend, just stay away from the coastlines. Tennessee is looking good.

Say hey to Pura for me, best wishes on your next journey.

I had to look up TCB. How are you more up to date with acronyms than me, you got grandkids or something??

You're so kind all the time. Sweed's a lucky dude.

The closer we get, the more excited we are. Traveliving just isn't what it used to be. The world's a BIG F-word right now @farm-mom.

I want dogs!

Hurricane. You and me both. We take off to Portugal tomorrow, fly into Ft Lauderdale from there the end of October. Imagine the chaos had flights been booked for now.

Always a pleasure to hear from you. <3

Good morning from NYS, how's it going @dandays. Sorry I haven't replied sooner was away in Jersey with my poor sick sister. She's a mess, really sick.

Nuff said, I am typing this morning to help clear my head from all the suffering around me.

It feels good to be back on the farm, the fall colors are awesome. Going for a nice walk later today once it warms up a little.

So where are you now? Fort Lauderdale? How was the flight, all we heard of was cancelations.

Yeah, for sure traveling isn't what it used to be. All our places down there are gone.
Fort Myers, Sanibel Island, Cape Coral. Venice and Sarasota where my sister and bff live is still being assessed for safety so they can go home, both evacuated.
Our favorite east coast places also have extensive damage, Daytona Beach, we always booked this quaint little beachfront place on our way home, it sat among big high-rise hotels. But this place had everything right there, great owners, family-owned business, love that place "The Dream Inn", we had a blast there every time we stayed, 5 years running. Now I don't know how hard hit, waiting to hear.

I hope you are safe and sorry for blabbing so much.
Keep in touch.
Blessings during your travel.

Don't you apologize to me for blabbing, won't accept it—nope! Go right ahead and blab about whatever you want for as long as you want.

Not in Ft Lauderdale yet. Closer, in a little town called Costa De Caparica. That should take your mind off things, even if only for a second. We're gonna miss Ian but not by much! God bless Fla.

I won't ask about your sister, you would've told me if you wanted to.

Much love from D and A.

Good morning @dandays, where is that place?
Yeah it’s my sister De, she’s the one who was paralyzed a long time ago, she is fighting an infection from a wound, it’s bad, sepsis. Infection is now in the blood.
Such a bummer, I have been back and forth to Jersey many times the last 2 months, it’s draining both physically and emotionally.
And now the good news, Bob goes for knee replacement surgery a week from now , back to Jersey, couple nights in hospital then nurse ratchet gets the big boy home to heal and rehab.
Phew, pray for me please.
I wish I could be in two maybe 3 places at once.
I think I will give Elon a call, ask him to send me a robin robot 🤪

Someone familiar with body part replacements is like yikes when that's the good news.

They're lucky to have you.

Oh, I looked at where you are, cool. have fun.

Nice of you to say, I hope I am paying it forward, those kids of mine better be paying attention.😁

But if you ever wanted to kneel in the middle of the street at lunch time and snap photos for your imaginary friends in virtual land, today's the day.

Who you callin' imaginary, you damn langolier??!!

Nah I didn't have to look that word up.

I mean everyone else. Not you, of course.


I had to look it up because I couldn't remember the name of the movie. Which is dumb because I've probably only seen about 140 movies in my life. You have weird friends.


I saved this one for last and I'm not just saying that. Feel free to one word comment me any time.

With the number of curve balls life has been pitching you lately, being able to entertain you and make you laugh truly is my pleasure.

You're most welcome @owasco. Much love from D and A. <3

I know one word comments are generally frowned upon, but that's the only one I could think of at the time! I'm glad you don't mind them.

I honestly was thinking along the same lines as you about your time there: "Is he even supposed to be there?" and the like. I was stoned as I read, too! It cracked me up. Thank you!

Haha where is everyone? There's a funeral today?

What are the chances we scheduled our plane for tomorrow though? Dodged a bullet on that one.

Haha could be!

That is incredible. It's like those nuclear attack 4minute warning films we used to watch in the 80s.

Didn't you fancy running down the High Street naked? My mind's working overtime trying to imagine the mischief you could get up to.

Have a great time in France and happy to finally get a post out of you.

Cold ? Soft twat.

Best wishes as always to you and your better half :-)

I'm from California. Anything below 70 is freezing! 70, that means 21.

Whaddup Nathen? In case I haven't told you lately, thanks for always being cool.

The embassy email said some restaurants and pubs would reopen at 7pm but yeah, total ghost town out there.

We booked our trip a couple months ago, could you imagine? Dodged a funeral by one day on that one.

It's nice to be missed. Thank you. Best wishes to you and yours too sir. I posted in Liketu cuz I saw you do it today and it worked out well. You didn't say fuck and shit and joint and weed though...

Liketu works really nicely for medium sized photo stories, especially if you tweak after posting.

Even I couldn't work any profanity into a post about cleaning a canal!

Can't believe you're in bloody Brighouse, I'd have loved to have called over for a coffee. Get a French post out ASAP please, I'm finding it so difficult to find anything worth reading on here lately .

We went from Haworth to Manchester and have now been here going on three months. Not a bad place for a little town. This is our final stop.

If you're gonna be that nice to me I demand you stop by more often!

Paris—deal. I got a bunch of Amsterdam photos sitting in here too, we just got back last week. I'll try to get those your way before too long as well. I tend to get in these content siestas where nothing feels right so I chill out watch from the back for awhile.

What the heck? You were in Adam last week?! Didn't fancy coming to Hivefest a week later?

I know it! So close. What happened was we learned the UK wouldn't extend my stay about a month before you and I met. Well, Pura wanted to see Paris before we leave so she booked the trip.

Exit date and Paris and then Hivefest, all three just so happened to be right around the same time. Had HiveFest been about two weeks earlier it would've worked out seamlessly. By that time I really wanted to see Amsterdam so we had no choice but to go a little before everyone else. "Almost."


beautiful little shithole :)

It's a ghost town out there. Like an afternoon in a Mormon town on a Sunday only worse. Even the ATM is in mourning.


enjoy ur joint :)

It doesn't suck too bad.

Thanks woelfchen, always a pleasure when you stop by.

Even the ATM is in mourning.

That's hilarious.

I'm not in UK atm so don't know what it's like at home today, probably just as deserted. Hubby flew out today, and forgot there was a two minute mourning, he had to stop dead literally as he got off the elevator.

So is that it with UK? Are you back to US after Paris? 😥

Ps. Will be back tomorrow with upvote, waiting for VP to recharge

The ATM stiffed me! What the..

The embassy email said some restaurants and pubs would reopen this evening at 7pm but most wouldn't reopen til tomorrow, advised me to get groceries and stuff. They weren't kidding!

We'll come back the 29th for two days to hand in our keys then that's it for us. It was fun while it lasted. I have nothing but good memories. Meeting you was a highlight.

Take all the recharge time you need. = } That virtual pressure on your cheek was me.

Hahaha.. such a read..
I ve also read that book .. the act of not giving a fuck..

May not have been one of the best choices tho, but cool

Well the Queen is being laid to rest and the streets also get to rest. Sure only a few days before such a site can't be thought of again. We all have to pray for the king to also live long. And pray we would.

Thanks man, I'm glad you liked it. I don't think we've met yet, pleasure's mine. I just checked out your guitar cover. That was dope! You see my location on my profile page yet? :wink:

It's not a bad read, we got a little stack in this temporary location we're in. You read Atomic Habits? I just finished that one, pretty good read.

Thanks for checking me out. Don't be a stranger.

That was dope!

Haha thanks so much.
I often here with my guitar, writing and medical skills.. being able to communicate those three on hive has been the major part o my hive journey.

Yes I read the book, at first I thought it was a read bait.. but it apparently wasn't.. There were just some things I didn't resonate with personally. And not to say it wasn't a great book, it is..

Maybe I should add atomic habits to my list.. or make it my next to read right away then.. hold you at your word.

And yeah, your current location happens to be close to where I stay too. ☺️☺️

And yeah, your current location happens to be close to where I stay too. ☺️☺️

Figured you might like that one.

You're very welcome. I wasn't just saying what you want to hear, either. A lot of open mic content is worse than amateur. One note or one verse and I'm like La La La La La La La with my hands over my ears. I was pleasantly surprised with yours. People like you and @edprivat make me wish I could pluck a guitar.

Atomic Habits. Let me know what you think. Not many books stop me in my tracks so I can take notes. That one's pretty special. I not only stopped several times to take notes but one's stuck to the refrigerator as I write this—Winners Never Quit.

That must have felt quite surreal @dandays, as if you were caught in a ghost town!
Well, I watched on and off today, more on when I heard bagpipes! Must say, no one does pageantry like the British!
Hope you and your lovely Pura are keeping well xxx

You're still just the sweetest Air BnB host and chef I haven't met. Some things never change.

We haven't had a TV now Lizelle since 2018. Weird huh? We watch Netflix stuff on the computer but regular TV, we're none the wiser. We don't get live war deaths or random shootings or pageantry or anything. Ah, shucks!

We've been doing this a long time haven't we? It's been my pleasure young lady. Thanks for supporting me this whole time. 💖

You're likely better off not seeing just how crazy this world has become although I don't watch the news. We mostly stream as we prefer watching tv series or movies. Hubby likes his football as do some of our younger guests.To me it's a waste of money, (except for the pageantry) although it was live on many YouTube channels which is what I watched/listened to this afternoon while doing office work.

Do you watch comedy specials? Specifically standup's. Me and standup's are probably like your husband and football.

A whole week later, knew I had not answered all comments, specifically yours as I'd read it but was dragged away from the screen...to answer your question, yes I do! But local humour, some which only South Africans may find hilarious? Dr. Riaad Moosa, yes he really is a medical doctor👀 is REALLY funny, but I can't imagine seeing him for any serious medical ailment, doesn't seem right going to a comedian for a health cure, but it certainly would be a tonic! And another favourite is Trevor Noah now on America's The Daily Show, both VERY funny😅 Check them out on YouTube! Promise I'm not one of their marketing agents🙈
Have a fabulous Tuesday @dandays🌞

Never too late for a Lizelle sighting. Excellent, the reason I mentioned it is, if you've seen a better standup in '22 than Jo Koy's new one, I'm all eyes.

Let me know what you think. <3

Don't you know that shit'll make you paranoid? Not as bad as the nose candy but still...

I'd have loved to have been there for that but I'm pretty sure I'd've gotten arrested or beaten by an angry mob or something.

Stay safe my friend

Shit, what shit? I have no idea what you're talking about.

As much time we've spent traveliving, somehow we were in Europe for Brexit, UK for covid and now UK again when the queen died. :twilight zone theme music:

I love how everyone find it surreal, when they all did that during lockdown which was barely a year ago. I guess like the mind tends to forget these things.

I could see the paranoia creeping in by the end of the post 👌😊 high THC ftw!

Whaddup Ed? I wasn't just saying that, either, I mean it. Mufukers like you make me wish I could play a guitar. Closest I got were keys and I really only used them as a synth. But I can mix some vinyl my dude like wicky-wicky-wicky-wicky.

It's still a skill to do the wicky wicky (it was autorrectes as "sucky sucky"

Both her haters and her lovers are all mourning but TBH I wouldn't walk those streets no matter what, it's creeping me out already. I'd be scared ASF

Whaddup Teknon? Welcome. Your blockchain birthday is a significant date in my world.

I'm sure you're right, they probably are.

I'm from Los Angeles so, any time I don't have to sprint to the nearest fire station and pound on the roll up doors like HEELLLLPP! it's not too bad. = }

Thank you.

Your blockchain birthday is a significant date in my world.

Really? Care to share how? I'm pleased to know BTW☺️

don't have to sprint to the nearest fire station and pound on the roll up doors like HEELLLLPP

Good for you then. Lol

Sure. I buried the only parent I ever met on that day. 2013, that was a weird year. I'm glad you found us on that day, I love seeing that date.

That must have been very sad🥺, I know what it means to lose an only parent. Sending hugs💙

reminds me of that post apocolypse movie i watched recently.. why so empty? well, i guess that's life over there..?

For sure. Was pretty weird out there. And the sky was gray and overcast and rainy. That's not weird, though, it's just what it does in England but everything else was weird.

Whaddup chinito? I don't think we've met yet. Pleasure to be met.

😊🤙 Aloha!

I'm kinda new.. to hive that is, i joined steemit back in 2017, got sick for a while, and now am back to it.. :)

great to meet u!

Welcome back.

PS—I would've said Zebra too. Serious. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to see both a zebra and a giraffe in their natural habitat. Fascinating creatures.

😁😂😉🤛 yup. i couldn't find any zebra pic that I personally took.. oh well, that word got well used by a few hivers i think..


What were you smoking on? Some skunk?

Nah. Some diesel. I went so long without, all those times I was cranky on discord, lack of weed is the culprit.

I had some OG the other week in Amsterdam though. Dooood. Like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. Or a king at an illuminati party in London!

😂😂 you really tripped.

Damn! It's like Covid all over again.

You actually sat from bench to bench? Hilarious.

P.S love how liberal you are with tags. It's something I do on Instagram, I just thought it'll be inappropriate or not allowed here with so many rules here and there 😄.

Hey you!

I was trying to stay dry. How's that sound, pretty convincing? Some benches offered a little more shelter than others. Or at least I think they did. I'm pretty sure they did.

Thanks for noticing. That's cool. Not everyone pays attention to the tags. I try to make them part of the entertainment. So long as you #don't #do #abuncha #tags in the middle of your article, the community won't mind what they say.

Always a pleasure when you stop by. Thank you.

Haha I see what you did there. Noted with thanks.

I'm pretty sure they did.
Looks like you're trying to convince yourself more than you're trying to convince me 😄.
I believe you though.

The pleasure is mine.

You didn't get the memo that everyone on earth went to Mars? LOL

You mean the candy bar? I'm always last to find out!

..."imaginary friends in virtual land,"

WTF Bro.!

I am the real deal.!! "Ouch!" I just pinched myself, i am fucking REAL.

OK. Really I just adjusted my old man sack like a MJ dance move. Skivys was doin the pinchin' lmaooo

Carry on with your THC induced Paranoia attack. I will be over here in Virtualandia pretending to be REAL.

The only "Queen" I will ever be "Mourning" the passing of...

I've seen a lot of gif's. I've used a lot but I've seen many more than I've used. It's possible I laughed at that Ryan Reynolds one the most.


That? I have no idea. Was hoping you'd know. I typed that's fucking funny gif in the search bar and it gave me that panda.

Whaddup! I miss you in my comment section. In real life of course, here, where we are right now. That stuff about imaginary was for everyone else dude, not you. You're my favoUrite man in a cat lady suit.

Double WTF..!?!


Fact..: Not that Funny-->


Fact..: Funny as Fuck-->


Giphy King Seeeekret..:--> Type Profanity into the giphy search...

Fact..:--> Searched Panda Porn


Fact dot dot dot a couple dashes leading up to one greater than arrow pointing at:

A gif that says your panda's way funnier than mine.

Cheers from Paris my dude. Silent S, of course, they don't say it like we do, they say it like Pairy.

I thought they re-(dash)...(dotdotdot) Named that shizz hole lil' afghanistan or somethin like that? Did you see any Frenchies or are they all in hiding. Stay on the tourist trails. Safety in numbers and do not venture out after dark.


Bawahhahaha, I was gonna say it looks like it's lockdown. But pretty cool that you could take those pics. Perfect opportunity. Can't believe how the world country stopped for that old bat. !PIZZA

Thank you for the reblog. Yes! I hate it when I mean to thank someone and forget to and then have to go back and edit the thing cuz I said everything else except thanks for the reblog and now that I typed out this long ass explanation I think maybe it's quicker to just edit them in after the fact. = }


You're welcome, now that your monologue is finished ... lol


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