Someone's Birthday - Reason For a Getaway

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_I hear food photos are quite popular. 😄

This is what many of us had for lunch. One of the best fish brines we tasted was the consensus (top 3), at a restaurant with an unremarkable name: River._
Want to eat right next to the water? No problem! Not the only place where you can do it either.
Same thing, different kind of boat.
The river looked muddy after recent rains, but that didn't stop tourists to rent boats and move up and down the river.
_Short getaway today up the river Danube, to an area with great touristic potential.

This is the immense stone sculpture of Decebalus, king of these lands close to the beginning of the millennium._

This is my first post on Liketu, and I didn't even know how the flow of posting on Liketu works. I hope the final result is acceptable, considering that I'm also posting from my mobile.

I hope the photos' caption will be visible with each photo, otherwise I wrote some text you will probably not see.

Not a long post today. Enjoy the photos!

EDIT after posting: Somehow I thought photos would be in reverse order.

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That's a very interesting structure/sculpture! Thanks for sharing!

I think so too. It must be very difficult to shape stone of that size.

Your first pic made me hungry =P

It was supposed to be the last pic, but I didn't know how to use Liketu properly. :)

And yep, it tasted great!

Who made this sculpture on these rocks? it's not an easy task.

I knew who funded it, but didn't know who sculpted it. Here's what I found out:

That's some kind of a fish stew? What kind of fish was that?

We are preparing something similar with carp or catfish... It's interesting to see the Danube from a different country... :)

Thanks for sharing!

That's some kind of a fish stew? What kind of fish was that?

I'm not a kitchen expert, but it's a traditional dish that is usually very hot (as in chilly hot). The fish was a catfish, but different species can be used (carp too). Catfish don't have many bones though.

It's interesting to see the Danube from a different country... :)

Yep, it's a long river. I actually would like to see its spring someday.

All these places looks like heaven. And the way we see how beautifully the image is carved on the stone is a lot of work and food looks so tasty. Thanks for sharing.

And the way we see how beautifully the image is carved on the stone is a lot of work

Yes, it probably was a lot of work. It took 10 years to complete it.

Thanks for sharing this information

Hahahhaha that's great friend. I think its a first time you have posted like that.
You mostly posted on bitcoins or any recent updates but first time the photos of food you shared in liketu, that's great and very well. Good work friend. You have visited such a nice places especially this Mountain looks amazing.

It's not the first. I used to publish more casual photo posts in the past, but lately, not really.

Beautiful scenery! I've never been up the Danube, definitely something to plan for in the future!

Depending on where you start from, it can be down the Danube. :) If you are interested in this particular area, look for the Danube Boilers.

And we didn't go by the river, we went by car. But I will probably take one of those boat offers someday, to see the scenery from the water too.

Thanks for the share!

It must be very tasty, looks super delicious 😍

Yes, it was. Thanks for dropping by.

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