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Hey guys! What's up there? How are you doing? Me? I'm very busy. Life has been very tough lately, and I need to cope it up since I still have to do plenty of tasks. I am also busy with studying (although I'm graduating already) because I am preparing for something big this November 2022. However, I won't forget to celebrate. Recently, I already shared it to you, my brother finished his junior high school journey. He got his certificate yesterday, and his completer's picture. I am so proud of him. He is my only sibling, and although we're not that type of sibling who's really sweet to each other but we don't fight, and we respect each other's space, as a result, he understands everything I do and every mood I have. I'm grateful for him. On the other hand, we also had a dinner for my cousin's with honors celebration. I thank God for everything He had given to our family, especially the love, bond, wisdom, and blessings.

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Sending lots of loveeee dear❤️😘

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