Golden Hour

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Hey fellow Hivers and fellow mommies like me! Today, I’ll be sharing here my #SwimsuitPhotoDump because I feel like I need to in order for me to gain more confidence in myself and be able to deal with haters. Yes, I am a victim of body shaming and it really does affect my mental and emotional state but I thank my family, my husband, and my circle of friends who always support me and always remind me that “I am beautiful”.
These photo dumps hope to inspire other mommies and women like me that size never really matters, we always get judged and shamed by others because of our body sizes but we have to remember to let go of our own insecurities and embrace positivity! And I always put in mind that we are all beautiful in our own ways!
Please do share your thoughts on how you deal with body shaming, it would mean a lot to other women who experienced it.
Spread Love ❤️

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