"To All The Boys..." Inspired Outfit 👢🖤

in Liketu10 months ago


What’s up beautiful Hive fam here in Liketu?!

I hope you have a hot cup of coffee or tea with you on this rainy Tuesday morning.

On cold rainy days I usually take my boots out for a spin (lol) so today reminds me to when I went out with my sister Sway for a coffee date in Tamp Cebu. The idea behind my outfit was inspired by Lara Jean of the hit Netflix movie “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”. (Lucky Lara Jean, right?! Haha). If you have watched the movie you’d also agree with me that her outfits were so cute. If I can remember clearly it was during this time when the part three of the movie was launched so there was much hype. (Have you watched the three movies? What do you think about it? Are the books worth the read?)

I hope you guys have a great Tuesday!!

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Chariz! :)

Ahahahahaa chesmes lang te😂

I love it 😍😍

yiee thanks jennn!😘