Yoshinoya: A Hearty Meal! 🥢🍲🍜

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What is up foodies of this foodiverse?! (Did I just make up a word? Haha) It is Wednesday and the weather is still crazy around here - it rains one minute and then the sun comes out too strong making the day so hot. Majority though it is fairly rainy - and with that I could say that it's officially the end of summer/dry season in the Philippines.

As rainy days persist, I find myself craving for hot hearty soups these days. This brings me back to one rainy afternoon I shared with these lovely ladies over hearty Japanese dishes! A little background is that this was the time when I moved on to a different company with a different role and this group of friends from my previous company wanted to meet with me to catch up (a subtle way of telling me they miss me lol).

The gentle rainpour was starting to make it difficult for me to go home early as I was stuck in the mall after a client meeting. I told them I could meet with them that day and since their office was close by it was just a matter of minutes before they came to Yoshinoya, where I sat, waiting.

I was glad to see them! It's always great to see familiar faces, isn't it? When we all got seated the friendly staff attended to us to give the menu and was waiting for us to order. (In photos: I along with Jazzy, Cha and Mm. She.)

I loved the food!!! IT WAS GREAT. I also loved the conversation we had during dinner and the laughs we got to share. After a hearty meal we then went to a café for iced lattes, to cap of the wonderful Friday night of womanhood and friendship - cheers!! 🥂

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I haven't been to one of these in such a long time, but I'm happy to see they are operating well and still serving (what looks like) the same goodness I enjoyed all those years ago.

they're thriving because their FOOD is really good and people constantly crave for it

I would have to agree! I found myself going back, despite having many other options available to me (In Taiwan of all places)

simply put the food at Yoshinoya are all worth the price! 😍