San Carlo: The best Neapolitan pizza in Prague

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Hello guys,

Today I prepared one recommendation if you will be in Prague. If you will be in this wonderful city but have a taste for excellent Italian pizza, then the San Carlo restaurant will be the right choice. In addition to pizza, you can also try pasta and excellent seafood here. The restaurant has 3 branches in Prague and is named after the famed opera theatre in Napoli.

For my visit, I chose the Margherita pizza with a soft crispy edge thanks to the stone oven, it was really tasty. It is known that they pay attention to fresh and quality ingredients.

Everything was perfect, for a while I felt like I was in Italy. Friendly atmosphere and authentic Italian food, what more could you ask for.

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Byla výborná! :) :*

@tipu curate

Tutto bene, Amore;)

Pizza is one of my comfort foods, and seeing blogs like this give me the chance to see how pizzas look like from different part of world. And the ones you shared made my mouth water.

The business is owned and run by a real Italian, no wonder the pizza was really delicious.

Mmmm - it looks really nice - Prague too. I will remember this place for my next visit.
I am surprised to see such wide crust on the pizza though.

Yes, I can recommend this place. They call this style of pizza Neapolitan, maybe someday I will get to Naples and taste the original.
Have a nice day:)

Pizza is tempting. I will love to have a taste of pizza one day I must confess

The pizza was really delicious!
Thank you for stopping by;)

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