Travel diary - This is Africa: amazing colorful African art

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Hey guys,

sounds like time for some amazing colorful African art, doesn´t? 🙂 Today, I will show you a couple of beautiful pieces that I happened to see and capture on different beaches of the Unguja Island in Zanzibar in Tanzania.
There is also one mural to be found there but the majority of them are stunning paintings and handicrafts made by some very talented Zanzibar artists that depict the traditional motives such as the iconic African nature and culture.
I really like the location of the art too because it allows you to enjoy both the art and the ocean 🙂

I hope you will find these pictures interesting just like I did.

Have a nice weekend!

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Nádherné kousky. A dokonce tu vidím i motiv, co mám na tričku :) Hakuna Matata!

@tipu curate 3

💖😊Hakuna Matata!

They're beautiful and full of life! I wonder what the artist of the big black lion is trying to depict, that one looks particularly interesting.

I kind of like that one too. I think it depicts the beauty and strength of the animal. Thanks for stopping by!

Africa has a lot of amazing arts. I am from Africa and I have seen a lot of those arts. They are very beautiful
Thanks for sharing

That's amazing, you come from a beautiful and very interesting landscape. I am glad that I finally visited this country.
Have a nice day!

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