Travel diary - This is Africa: beach workout

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Hey guys!

Are you ready for some physical exercise? I hope you are because my today´s post will take you to some really cool outdoor gyms where people from Zanzibar can work out. As you have probably noticed in my previous posts about this amazing tropical island located just off the Tanzanian mainland, a lot of things important for the locals take place in the ocean or on the beaches and working out is no exception. There are these super cool outdoor gyms that were built right on the beach so you can enjoy the lovely ocean breeze and some spectacular views while working out.
Let me show you what I mean 🙂

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Love the color of that water! Stunning!

Thats my happy colour!🌊💙
Thank you for stopping by;)

Oh! Your people are very resourceful, how cool is that? I love this idea❤️💪

Glad you like that,too! Have a nice day!☀️

Wow! Tak tam bych si fakt s chutí zacvičil :)

Ale jen brzo ráno nebo večer :) Přes den v těch 35 stupních by to bylo hodně za hranou jakýchkoliv komfortních zón :D

Zanzbarci si drží formu:)

How cool! In Caracas, Venezuela there are also outdoor gyms with equipment made from recyclable materials, specifically in El Avila, a mountain very dear to the inhabitants. I think it's a very good idea.

I agree. I think it's a very good idea to use unnecessary material for something good that can still serve people. Thank you for stopping by;)

Staré dobré pneumatiky. Za mého dětství u nás byly taky in :⁠-⁠)

Jinak dobré hřiště :⁠-⁠)


Rocky approves :D

@tipu curate

Muj Rocky!🥰

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