Travel diary - This is Africa: pleasant African sunset

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Hey guys,

I cannot believe I haven´t posted anything in 10 days already so let me make up for the silence by this special photography post that will take you to the beach during the magical time of the day and that´s the sunset 😉
I had the chance to observe this amazing sunset on the famous Kendwa Beach that is located on the northern coast of the Unguja Island that is a part of Zanzibar. It was a truly magical moment with the peaceful ocean lit up by the setting glorious African sun and I´m glad that I captured it on my phone so that I have some nice memories of that evening and that I can also share it with you here on my blog.

Enjoy 🙂

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You have been away for 10 days. Coming back with this amazing shots of African sunset is a good thing. I love the shots...looks like you are a professional photographer?

Cool, enjoy! :) btw. I'm not a photographer, I just love sunsets!!

Yes - I noticed that you have been away but I have not written much either -so I empathised. These shots make up for it as you take me on your amazing African journey. Beautiful serene photos indeed. Loving it all.

Thank you for the nice comment. I hope you have nice sunny days too🌸

The place is truly lovely!
Love the photos you have taken.

Happy you like that too. Have a nice day:)

Feels very serene and peaceful.👍 The heart shape is so sweet!❤️❤️❤️

A beautiful place and a wooden heart too! You can't imagine how many photos I took with this heart:D

Nezapomenutelný večer, krásně jsi ho zachytila :* :)

@tipu curate 4

Asante sana!!🙏✨

What a beautiful place to witness the sunset!
Now we wait for the photos from sunrise! ;)

Thank you! A truly magical place!✨

Wow the sunset looks so amazing

Glad you like that! Have a nice day:)