Sport Photography: one of the outdoor gyms I use in Prague

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

As you might know from some of my older posts, I´m a pretty avid outdoor gym enthusiast. When living in Krakow, I used work out at a really amazing outdoor gym with dozens of cool machines so it felt like being at a regular gym but with all the benefits of actually being outside in the fresh air. Here in Prague, there is no such a cool place with so many machines but there is a number of various outdoor gyms here too of course. Today, I will show you one of them.

This gym is located in the Prague neighborhood of Stodulky. It´s kind of hidden among these not so nice residential buildings between the subway stations of Luka and Luziny. It´s just some 15 minutes walk from our apartment, which is also one of the reasons why I go there :) Let me now show you some pictures...











As you can see, what makes this outdoor gym kind of special are those kettlebells. They are attached to the poles in a way that allows vertical movement, which creates a variety of options for different exercises. In fact, I haven´t seen this kind of equipment in any other outdoor gym and it´s really useful. The only drawback is the very limited option of the weights. There are only 3 of these kettlebells, arranged by the weight with the first kettlebell being the lightest and the third one being the heaviest but honestly, even the heaviest one is still too light for an advanced fitness rat :) Generally speaking, however, it´s a cool place and I enjoy going there from time to time, mostly for a change from my lifting routine that I practice at another spot that I will tell you about next time...

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Yay! Thank you so much guys! :)


Drinking beer in the gym? :D Thanks ;)

Wow, it looks great! Although here in my country there are several outdoor gyms, I haven't seen any with signs that have instructions on how to use each device

Really? All of the outdoor gyms with machines that I have seen here had the signs with instructions :) I guess this might also be for legal reasons so that the operator of the gyms (usually the city) cannot be sued if someone gets injured when using the machines :D

Aaah... I hadn't thought about the mayor's office protecting itself if someone gets hurt, it sounds logical hehe

Never leave the playground :)

To už jsem někde viděl... A jo, u tebe na profilu! :D

These outdoor gyms are very popular here - most parks have them in London, but they're not as kitted up as this one. They're usually quite minimal and the pull-up bars are usually not high enough for me sadly. Also, dogs seem to be very interested in them and always run up on people working out lol

Wow! That's a really cool exercise place @phortun, we have some places like those in my city, too. I like to exercise, I don't care if it's indoors or outdoors hehehe

Cool! If you ever get to work out at any of the outdoor ones, take same pictures and show me, I would like to see what these places look like in Venezuela :) Or you can even write a post about it like I did :D

Jmmm, good idea 👍🤸

You getting that buttie toned?


Cool that you've found a good new spot in your new home. It seems outdoor gyms are a big deal in Europe. Here in my country they're so few, we're more about the indoor gyms.

Yeah, apparently, they have been mushrooming in most cities and even little towns here in Europe. I can see 3 major benefits of them: they are free of charge, they are open 24/7 so you can come whenever you want and they are in the fresh air, very often in parks :) I have been more into lifting than calisthenics lately but fortunately, outdoor gyms with machines and free weights have been also showing up so no need for me to go to (and pay for) a regular gym at all :)

Wow! Free of charge too! Were they put there by the government?

Yes, all kinds of outdoor gyms are free here :) Usually, it´s the municipal authorities who buy the gyms, install them and take care of them. Once you make it here to Europe, I will take you on an outdoor workout training with me ;)

That's so cool of the authorities.
Ah, yeah, would be a great workout session, bro 😎👍

It is cool when these kind of gyms do exist in the outdoors. I see it here in Spain too in many places, even the secluded little villages in the mountains have some sort of workout area.
Enjoy… even though the surrounding buildings aren’t so pretty 😎👋🏻
Happy Wednesday ☀️

Yeah, you are right, these places have been increasingly common in many parts of the world, which is good actually, people can work out there for free and whenever they want to :)

Well, the surrounding is a typical example of the architecture from the infamous communist era, there are many neighborhoods like this one in my country, unfortunately :/

Yes, that’s the great part of it. 😁😎 keeping the population fit.

Yes, I know… unfortunately. As long as there is green around… it compensates 🤓😉

Right ;)

We have such outdoor gyms in Istanbul as well. I think they are useful for the citizens of a city. However, some people here do exercise with their routine clothes :) It would be better with a playsuit.

Haha I know what you mean, I noticed this here as well, especially with the elderly people :)

Outdoor gym, are you sure it is not just a playground for adults ;)

Joking aside, it looks great, you are lucky to have such a place nearby for you to use. Great post! =)

Well, any gym is a playground for adults if you think about it :D But yeah, this one looks like a playground indeed ;) Definitely missing the actual "pumping iron" vibes of the place that I frequented in Krakow:


Thanks for stopping by! :)

Looks great to, and yea you kind of expect to see Arnold walking by any time =)

Actually, I visited that Arnold´s iconic gym Muscle Beach in L.A. and honestly, I like this one in Krakow better :D

I imagine it was good back in the 80ies in its hay day. But I think most modern ones probably are better. But still cool to have been there =)

Yeah. The vibes are still there though ;)


Wow I love you photos and the way you present your post, is so great. Thanks for sharing I will be happy to be reading your post

Thank you! I´m glad you enjoyed this post :)

I have to admit I don't even know how to use some of the stuff you got there, but the outdoor gym looks great. How old is it?

There is actually a tutorial sign on every piece of the equipment ;) I don´t know how old it is but it looks pretty new. Not much vandalism there yet...

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