Stick Up Music Merchandise Of The Week - Clear iPhone Case

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Stick Up Music Merchandise Of The Week - Clear iPhone Case

It's time to share another item from our @hivelist shop as we love promoting our merchandise with you. This time we picked the clear iPhone case to make sure your brand new (or old) iPhone is protected from scratches, dirt and other things that harm your phone.

Available for 13 iPhone models, before ordering you can select your iPhone model in the shop to make sure it's a perfect fit. All other specifications such as of the clear iPhone case can be found in the shop.

Of course the case comes with the Stick Up Boys logo and you will impress your friends with this case!

You can buy the iPhone case here or browse through the rest of the merchandise in our @hivelist shop here.

As always, thank you for your support on behalf of all the Stick Up boys!

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