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It's another awesome day living the best life I have ever lived. Living as a digital nomad in a van has some major perks. One of those is being able to take your home and office anywhere you want to go!

I was able to snag an awesome spot this morning in the parking lot in the area that I like to go where we can swing the doors open all day and not have to worry about anyone driving up next to us. So I got settled and threw out the solar panel to get some of that good clean energy into the batteries and off to work I go! As long as I have a couple of bars of cell signal, I am good to go. It's spotty out here, but this spot seems pretty solid!

Been working on some work for the new job as well as working on a plan for some new @blocktunes stuff that I am wanting to get added to the site, but that is a whole other post, lol. But really, the best part of this kind of life is being able to spend as much time with my ole buddy Chippers as I possibly can! He is turning 14 next month so he is definitely slowing down, so I am just taking advantage of every minute I can! As you see, he kinda runs things and has complete control of the couch, lol. This is why I have the rocking camp chair, lol.

Anyway, back to the hustle!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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I have been meaning to ask. Do you stay up in the northwest to be close to your children?

How are the winters in the van?


Yep, here for the fam! After my daughter graduates, she’s a senior 🥺 I will be migrating back south to take over the family farm and start helping my folks out a bit, plus turn it into a cash flowing machine, lol.

Winters are better than summers, lol. Winters here aren't bad and it's easier to heat up and cool off, hence why I am out at the coast for the week, lol. Escaping the heat.