Sunset Doggy Strolls- Ending The Night On A Good Note

in Liketu2 months ago


Another beautiful evening it is! I tend to pick places to live with pretty amazing sunsets. Just walking around the neighborhood with ole Chippers and enjoying the quiet and just reflecting on the absolute cluster f%&k my life is really in right now, lol. Had a nice day with my Dad, got to go have some lunch and just catch up a bit while my daughter and my mom had a girls day. We talked about some future farm plans and really got to get into some real conversation which was nice. Then mom cooked a big dinner, so needless to say I don't have to eat for a day or two, lol.

Anyway, Still working on getting my Hive Engine node back up and running. Takes a while to restore these days unless you are on the real nice expensive servers with the NVMe. Apparently SSD just isn't fast enough anymore, lol.

That's pretty much the post, just trying to relax now. Hope everyone has a pleasant evening, or morning, whenever you read this, lol...

Until next time everyone, you know the drill...

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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