In the little monk's eyes

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Greeting everyone ,

How are you i hope you have a great day today that better than yesterday.

This is another collection photo of little monk in holy city of Bagan , Myanmar to be upload on LIKETU photo's collection .


While the world moving so fast and all the people is racing for the latest new technology and stuff , this little monk is thinking how to appreciate those little thing that happen in his life . A good day with good health and food on table is another bless of life . He believe that every little to huge thing that happen to life is affected by good and bad .

We dont need to become like this little monk , but i i believe if we aware and appreciate the world more , the world become a better place to live . Giving more love and attention to them who needed will make huge impact in other life . We dont need to start by doing a huge thing , but even a simple gesture of smile and thank you will bring happiness to other.

5d Mark II
50mm 1.4f

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Amazing capture my friend. !PIZZA

Thanks mate. Thanks for the !PIZZA

Great work!
Vibrant, beautiful background, and great subject.

Thanks for the encouragement:).

I'm really curious about how young boys such as the subject of your photos become monks.
I hope we get to see more photos and stories from this great place!

Wow!... Great work, great images, Plenty of artistic sense and eloquence.

Thanks so much for encouragement and support . :).

This is an extraordinary photo series that tell a story by itself!great work 👏🏼

🥹🥹 thanks so much friend

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 104 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


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