Christmas arriving in San Diego, Carabobo

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My boyfriend and I decided to see the new Christmas arrangement they made in the Parque Metropolitano, located in the center of the San Diego municipality. We got there one night to see how everything had turned out. We didn't go to the premiere since that was going to be full of people it would have been horrible.

The Christmas tree is beautiful, I calculated that it was perhaps thirty meters high. The lights shone in all colors and the star at the top was beautiful with a different shape than many others.

We got ready to enter the park inside and we saw all the decorations. I didn't expect it to be so beautiful the mayor's office did an excellent job investing the money there. There were many food stalls and many people, walking was difficult at times, but we finally managed to get through all the obstacles and take many photos.

I liked the variety of things there was, it was like a mix of Christmas and Disneyland. There was music playing everywhere, music from movies like Aladdin, Moana, Sleeping Beauty, and other Disney movies.

We entered the room where the movable nativity scene was located, one of the attractions of the place, but while we were looking and taking photos, we had to walk since we prevented the passage of other people, so we could not stay long.

There was a train that passed through the middle of the park and people could get on it for free, actually my boyfriend and I didn't, but we wanted to do it because we thought it was fun to travel around the park by transportation.

There were food stalls from different restaurants in the area, which took advantage of the promenade and tourism to sell their best offers. I wanted to eat some sushi, but we had already walked too far and we had to get home before it got too late. It was a nice experience we had there.

We will be back soon and this time I want to eat at one of those food stalls. I hope I get lucky with the sushi.

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I see that people are already in the mood for Christmas, over here in my country, it does not feel as if Christmas is in few weeks time. I hope you and your boyfriend has a nice time!

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Thank you very much, it really was a good experience to share.

Christmas is here when we least expect it. I haven't seen something characteristic of these festive dates for a long time, because in my case I only have beautiful memories of my childhood, then that Christmas spirit was extinguished until it almost disappeared.

Seeing these pictures fills my soul. They are very nice to see and even more if you know that you enjoyed the experience as you tell us in this publication. I hope you really enjoyed it.

I haven't seen anything like this here, or maybe it's because I don't go out anywhere 🤣

Here, commerce moves a lot and the mayor's office did not take long to take advantage of these dates to do something for the people. I was overwhelmed by how crowded it was, especially on the weekends. I'm not usually one to go out much either, but that day I did have a good time.

Happy start of the week dear friend!

Excellent post my friend, greetings!