Yeah, nobody lives out there on Hilbre island anymore. But those Daisies I photographed are growing on the first islet 'Little Eye' of the trail of three small islands leading to the main Hilbre island.

You have to follow a certain path to avoid any chance of quicksand in a straight line across the bay from West kirby to Little Eye, then a straight line from Little Eye to little Hilbre and then on to Hilbre main island.

I suspect someone dumped some seeds out there at 'Little Eye' many decades ago and they grew well due to the nutrient rich sand and silt deposited from the estuaries flow at high tide.

I've been doing this walk occasionally for over 25 years and always remember seeing those Daisies and noticing them as seeming to be out of place because when it is high tide it seems like they would be underwater when you look from West Kirby shoreline. I guess that they're just above the water line though and you can't see Little Eye because it is only about 4 meters above sea level and it is a good 1.5 miles out from shore.