Awesome dBuzz Microblogs Compilation (2020 Dec 22)

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I love the microblogging HIVE interface: d.Buzz! Microblogging by nature incentives brief messages with as much information in as less words as possible.

Since I joined, I'm more engaged than ever on HIVE! It's easy to respond to posts on dBuzz because reading one costs only 10 seconds of reading instead of 5 minutes on the longer HIVE posts!

White Arrows Twitter Post 10.jpg

All posts on the platform are short microblogs with a maximum of 280 characters per post. It's a HIVE-based Twitter. I used to read all posts on latest section. Now I just read a few of them. Say "Hi" if you meet me on my sub account: @ahmadmangazap!

Below is a compilation of some of the posts I found informative or stood-out to me in some way. There's no minimum quality or standard for these, I just found them interesting enough to compile together:

@crrdlx's Buzz [Link]

How it'll go with your grandkid toddler on your knee one day:
Kid: Tell me about 2020.
You: A bad bug made lots of people really sick. Everything shut down. Some black & white folks forgot how to love each other.
Kid: That's bad.
You: Yes, but then came you & it all changed! :)

This is wholesome conversation. Hope to have a conversation like this (or a more wholesome one) in the future...

@sgt-dan's Buzz [Link]

If you missed HIVEFEST5 you can watch recaps here:

The link features a YouTube playlist for all the videos by HiveFest team. I asked for a recap since some of those are 5+ hours long, but I was told to just fast forward. Yeah, I can do that...

@rombtc's Buzz [Link]

this is how funny crypto is, its fkn hilarious see this kind of mistakes, its like shooting yourself in the foot

[Crypto Holder Just Paid $82,000 in Fees to Send $1.18 in Bitcoin]

It's more like shooting themselves in heart! I'd die on spot if I spent %80,000 in my payment just in transaction fees!

@sgt-dan's Buzz [Link]

Ah, HIVE developers. What seems to be your major malfunction? You are screwing up stuff for developers. Time to concentrate on these API issues. TIENDES?

Signed an HIVE Uber user that brought FIAT into this place! So I am allowed to complain!

I'm not a developer but this thread has some interesting replies! It seems HIVE's API doesn't work as it should be? If you're a HIVE Developer please join the conversation!

@ronasoliva1104's Buzz [Link]

Wow. Crochet pots

I don't usually post twitter links in these compilations but I loved this one so much. Neither pots not Crochet are my thing but those combined is a work of art.

@honeysaver's Buzz [Link]

#Bitcoin will always have its shortcomings and those are what many crypto's are trying to address. Nevertheless, Bitcoin initiated the financial revolution and it will always be at the top of the pack.

I don't think Bitcoin will always be at the top, but I believe that's the reason it's still at the top now. The technology has many flaws but the revolution side of it ensures its value won't get stale soon...

More people used #dBuzz today than the days before, so I didn't read most of the buzzes like I usually do. That's what I have today. I'm thinking of changing my format a little... For now time you could check @dbuzz account because they're doing a new activity per day!

This was the 9th article of this series. I don't plan on doing this forever so I'm proud I managed to do that! Thanks to everyone who helped! You too!

~ For now, I wish you all a blessed day/night ~


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Thank you for your mention.

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