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Pico El Águila, Venezuela | Eagle Peak.

By: @joseemag


Hola! ¿Cómo están?.
Hoy vengo a compartir en esta ocasión un sitio turístico muy espectacular, se trata del Pico El Águila, el cual se encuentra ubicado en el estado Mérida, Venezuela.


Medical meeting for the benefit of the Wotujja community || Encuentro de medicina en beneficio de la comunidad wotujja [ENG-ESP]

By: @auelitairene


Yesterday I attended a ceremony of Ñua directed by a student brother of the grandfather Rufino after a long time without sharing the medicine with other brothers because of the security norms that were implemented during the quarantine


Intento de cosplay: Ada Wong / Cosplay Attempt: Ada Wong.

By: @alexa.art


¿Cómo están amigos? Hoy estaba algo aburrida y busque algún personaje que fuera fácil para mí de hacer, sin embargo todos tenían algún “pero” ya que no tenía ropa parecida o algunos accesorios


Real life in isolation

By: @ckreklewich

Welcome back to our daily real life with newborn twins in quarantine from this crazy covid-19 corona virus pandemic!



By: @ykroys


Mi nombre es Yorky, tengo 24 años de vivencias más 10 años de Inocencia!!! Soy TSU en Administración (2.011) y a punto de recibir mi 2do Título Universitario Lcda. En Administración de Empresas de Diseño (2.020) de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela.


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Congrats to the selected posts. :)

Thank you!! 🥰

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How are my friends and featured authors of the day

How much talent accumulated in one place, worthy of admiration, whose creations and similarities of people reveal the creative and artistic side of the person Muyte.

Solidarity is always present in the hearts of people who want a better quality of life for those who need it. Congratulations and many successes.

Happiness is in the little things in life, in everyday life, many times positive things also come out of bad things, being with family and sharing with newcomers is a unique experience. congratulations are a beautiful family.

In our virtual trip we will visit Merida Venezuela, a wonderful place called ¨Pico El Águila¨ This place is a reality come true for those of us who love the heights, the contact with nature and beautiful postcards.

What I like the most is to welcome and wish the best of success to talented young people who are coming to our beloved platform for the first time. Those who bring unique experiences to share on our platform.

Thank you very much to all the @appreciator team for the selection of materials, which allows me to start each morning with enormous energy. and for the great support it gives us

I wish you all a prosperous week

You are much welcome

Hello everyone! How are your spirits? It is a pleasure to share with you in this room of #gems community ...
Good luck to the nominees, keep on doing your best work! I also welcome new users @ykroys!
@appreciator you have done a great job, congratulations! :)
Congratz to @bluemist too ...