Bhat Fry for Breakfast

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This dish that is in the thumbnail is called a Bhat Fry, Bhat means Rice in our local language so you can also call this fried rice but since it's a dish of convenience I like to call it Bhat Fry. It's pretty simple, on days when I have leftover rice from yesterday I just fry them off with spices and some veggies to make a quick and easy Bhat Fry. In today's case, all I had was Carrots and some Barbati(don't know the global name for this veggie). So all I did was mix them together and you can see the finished dish above and below.


I could have taken the dish one step further if I had some Chilli Achar or some Spicy Ketchup but I didn't so I had to make work of what I had and when I had it. Regardless to say it was Delish. The other options or side dish I had on my mind required me to go out of my room and that was not possible today and I will show you why later on in my Blog.